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Sanded relics of gold of day of bequest of first culture of Chinese is precious
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Cultural relic appears

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Yu Dao and jade bracelet

The ivory of countless

Precious ebony

June 10 is our country first " day of Chinese culture bequest " . Culture bequest is the precious spirit money that the ancestor leaves us, culture bequest serves as brilliant and bright the carrier of of long standing and well established China civilization, behoove gets very good protection. The State Council decide every year the 2nd of June Saturday for day of Chinese culture bequest, aim to arouse the attention of the whole people to Chinese culture bequest, in participating in the operation that protects Chinese culture heritage self-consciously, come. To celebrate " day of Chinese culture bequest " be born, to the society bequest of culture of extensive conduct propaganda protects working value, the integral level of bequest of culture of stimulative our country, the CCTV rolled out large and special program " China is remembered -- living broadcast of TV of day of Chinese culture bequest acts " , the first station of the action is chosen was in spot of Chengdu gold sanded relics, undertake spot archaeology is dug. Direct seeding acts to disentomb with the spot archaeology of Chengdu gold sanded relics the masterstroke that reachs protection to look as whole red-letter day, introduce the Jin Sha before 3000 from different point of view Gu Shu's regnal brilliant history culture, reveal the Chengdu history culture with connotation of Jin Shawen melt into in the round.

Golden sanded relics is the first important archaeology discovery at the beginning of 21 centuries of Chinese, it is unit of protection of cultural relic of key of the 6th batch of whole nations, chinese culture bequest indicates " Baal bird " design with respect to out here. Golden sanded relics represented a when ancient Sichuan civilization develops important level, it and Chengdu Campagna are inchoate city location group a compose builds grave of coffin of boat of business street the Warring States removed ancient Sichuan civilization to develop gradual progress system, proving Chengdu Campagna is center of civilization of upper reaches of the Yangtse River, it is the organic component of China civilization.
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