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Does dragon totem result from ursine totem? (Group plan)
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"Does the dragon totem of the Chinese nation originate ursine totem? ! " what Chinese myth learns to meet long Professor Xie Shuxian is new say breathtaking. On the seminar of learning of Chinese mythological international that holding in Henan, xie Shuxian teachs the new argument that refers him again, confirm the conclusion before this further.

On August 12, xie Shuxian teachs the argument that elaborates his when the special report that accepts our newspaper reporter, shunt excitation affection was permeated with the ground to disclose his new plan, but exhort again reporter, do not want to divulge first temporarily. Reporter the first time when seeing him, mention his viewpoint, his friend sits in say for fun aside: Stop Zhang E pay of this? that compatriots that ' look your this Xiong Yang ' not be name-calling, be of boast person unexpectedly! Be of boast person unexpectedly!!

He still uses in step when visitting native place of Xin Zhengxuan thill, see example makes a proof: Why is? of travel of Pang of full frequency a surname standing before his door two bear, this is the problem that deserves research. This is the problem that deserves research..

Derivative Xiong Tu vacates wolf totem

Xie Shuxian teachs the origin that explains this one research so: ?004 year to the domestic books market 2005, most canorous title is " wolf totem " . Does novel publication organizer still not hesitate in complier Jian call the turn take out sensational title -- we are dragon pass person or wolf send a person? " wolf totem " in still have clear conclusion:  of Wei of a bitter edible plant of Zi of afterwards of high and steep of  of hard wild rice of Qian of banter of afterwards of  thanking  blows? to be between wolf totem and dragon totem, still have the level of a gluttonous totem. And follow the author's train of thought, many people still approved the notion in the book: ? of  of ň of Tun of vasting Mu of    depressed ethical life, restore the vitality of the wolf only, of the nation fly to just have assure. This has to cause the thinking with serious academia. This has to cause the thinking with serious academia..

April 2006, he is in and a few scholars inspected Inner Mongolia the eastpart part and Liaoning together the discovery when the Gong Shanwen western turns area: Does Yi κ invade Bei thanking  to fall neon is not cling to afterwards?

He says to the reporter: Bao of shake of Ji of  of target Yi discharge suckles box? for instance Chinese character ' can ' , original meaning example is ursine, those who say is energy, ability, ability wait. Can the form that the word is written to rebuke in inscriptions on bronze. This enough explains, xiong Neng follows season quite and change circularly, make the animal image that reflects life and energy of second birth goddess. Because be certain bear has this kind of ego resurgent ability, so ancient talent inspects those who be superhuman strength is reincarnate, namely the reflect person of superhuman energy. Namely the reflect person of superhuman energy..
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