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The expert is refuted -- ursine totem, difficult hold water (graph)
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No matter the totem that whether dragon is nation of an ancient name for China, the culture that dragon has become China is indicative. Past dynasties of all previous face left the countless cultural relic that are figure with dragon, the position in Chinese memory cannot wipe dragon evil spirit. Culture of red hill of too alone   is in disentombed cultural relic higher development level was held in culture of coinstantaneous China The Neo-lithic Age to it, ever the person that somebody offers ancient the science of history people the influence that can cast off one-sided mythological consciousness eventually, entered to introduce archaeology objective material ancient Shi Yan investigate level of medium a demonstration. To this, liu Qingzhu of director of institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences's researcher points out archaeological pay attention to set out with a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood. No matter be dragon totem it may not be a bad idea, ursine totem it may not be a bad idea, see only after all at document account, more containing mythological imply. The researcher such as Xie Shuxian although a few objective that with Niu Heliang goddess temple disentombs roll out ursine totem to say for card, however, current archaeology academia is right of area of bovine river bridge disentomb, research is inadequate still. "Disentombed thing is too alone. Itself of relics of bovine river bridge is not clear, the work that does is not clear also. " Liu Qingzhu is returned at present cannot be the final conclusion below the basis with relics of red hill Niu Heliang. "To our history, past, what do not know is far want than what know much, we still cannot know the past in the round now, about the temple of red hill culture, goddess, archaeology that includes Chi Feng area fundamental job needs to strengthen now, " Liu Qingzhu points out rely on fragmentary data to go to doctrine of reductive ursine totem is have not a leg to stand on only, ever had had a variety of concluding to red Shan Wenming, there also is a scholar to point out what bequeath falls to red hill culture is phlogistic Di Wenming before this. The totemic   that bear is individual tribe only the relation to Xiong Yulong, liu Qingzhu also has different view. In red hill culture, yu Long is more general. Cent of jade dragon cardinal principle is two, form of a kind of because of C of letter of English of be similar in shape C be callinged, bodily form of dragon of this kind of jade is fine thin, have the long horse of flap; Fleshy of system of another kind of link, first huge, have ear, kiss ministry has furrow, figure appears a hog. The one type after there is scholastic inference after slants be like for bear, call its " Xiong Long " . The person that jade carving rebukes dragon modelling image already was learned by archaeology for many times illuminate, have dragon saying a pig, also have saying is Xiong Long. Look in Liu Qingzhu, actually we cannot return the history that on the dot, it is a basis to this one modelling existing experience goes judging. After all the pig at that time is what kind of, xiong You is what kind of, and can be expression experienced again in artist hand what kind of evolve? Cannot try to judge according to type of a kind of cultural relic now. "Primitive society period, people performance ploy is simpler, can regard as pig, also can regard as ursine. Have what kind of characteristic after all, must want to contrast through evidence, cannot conclude only according to a few cultural relic. "     " some tribe are the totem with bear really, but can that serve as the totem of the Chinese nation? " Liu Qingzhu points out, although the image of dragon is dummy, but if an ancient name for China is civilized really ursine totem adores, with respect to the image that won't have dragon, there also won't be dragon in a large number of cultural relic that come up out of land later this one modelling, "Since be the totem in order to rebuke, bear is the most exalted, where is the position that how explains dragon then? " it is nonexistent that   Liu Qingzhu points out dragon itself, it is imaginary thing. However, if say ursine dragon an organic whole, with respect to need demonstrate rebukes is how change becomes dragon this image, "Actually, totemic itself is a western hypothesis to prehistoric world " . If rebuke the totem holds water,red hill culture provides local characteristic   only, can explain a few fokelore of the wise man such as Huang Di, the meaning with genetic to China civilization culture of so red hill can make new explanation. However, look in Liu Qingzhu, the basis has archaeology data, far still now the dawn that failing to say red hill culture is China civilization. "To red hill culture, what actually archaeology bound pays close attention to is quite much, is very much. But research must want to lay good foundation, arguing 10 years 20 years again otherwise still is such. "   is current, to the red hill culture that with Niu Heliang goddess temple gives priority to, the view of archaeological group be in the majority is: Fertilizer of  of act of warm up litter washs Xin of fierce Nuo barium scoops up an ancient nationality in China to suckle? of an ancient nationality in China is the culture that waits for all sorts of reason fashion into by local environment. However, liu Qingzhu emphasizes: Basketry? of Jiao of the dispute that cut a lip into parts is to show to us the root of the following development affects this country originally then, should use a kind to answer inspected eye, view the past from now. "   Liu Qingzhu expresses him or compare approve of before view, our culture comes out from the Huanghe valley, is not to be in red mountain area, evolve by the be born out of there and also do not come. "Han Tang times, area of bovine river bridge still is the ground of barren pretty. If say to Niuhe is on civilization history,bridge area affected the Huanghe valley, why did that become the ground of pretty barren later. We must go up from logic, derivation goes on days channel. " a level that   Liu Qingzhu raised archaeology to study the scholar thinks: Male of adept of loose  of royalty of disease of heart to joke offsprings all Se of Yuan of loose  of room of Cong of Quan glutinous  agrees unoccupied place? of Ran of Yi of silk of offspringing dumpling of Bao of heart flatter mother is in ancient time also is the ground that develops quite. Foreland is an exception, because be returned at that time,use ocean without the condition. He thinks, set out from this standard, natural condition element restricted Gong Shanwen to change the possibility that becomes China civilization source.
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