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Collect small stick person: Raise jade and Pan Yu
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With Tian Baiyu----The longlived person as string of 1 Picture origin: Discharge  Wu

He Weiyu? Shi Zhimei person it is jade namely. He Weimei? Heart somewhat appearance is beautiful namely. Alleged " 1000 kinds of agate 10 thousand kinds of jade " , those who say is worldly the is jade jade that can not say exclusively, jade differs because of producing area, the person is differ because of be fond of, jade is material, also be spirit, jade is stone originally, jade is put in respective heart only. Jade, be nobility and chasteness since ancient times is indicative, favour looks for the one party is long beautiful jade that already admired in the heart, that is a kind of lot, it is a kind of good luck more. Common saying says gold has valence jade not to have valence, jade is lapidary, rare and natural be nothing difficult, however jade is by no means a can far view and cannot the content of delight in. Rather is, you are close to to it the more, it is met even more fruity, jump over luster, the intelligence of animals of jade is depending on this. Alleged raise jade, those who tell is Tibetan home besides wanting to undertake be wipinged daily to jade article, return beard general it is close-fitting and hide and want constant territory under one's control to play, only such ability make jade pupate is butterfly, blossom the intelligence of animals of out body and colour and lustre. Say commonly, "Raise jade " the key depends on " Pan Yu " , dish the standard is proper meet get twice the result with half the effort, meet otherwise fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort. Pan Yu, have " civil dish " and " fierce dish " cent. Cang Yu is in personally, through adorning, play wait for the human body that invites jade article and constant temperature to contact the goal that raises jade with achieving for a long time, this is " civil dish " . Civil dish won't injury and jade article, but the effect is very small, often be not 35 years cannot be successful, some should be expended even tens of year time. The Yu Kuo that collects newly closes civil dish, pan Houyu's hardness just meets the article that passes a year of above only to restore gradually, at this moment outside force of square can proper have the aid of dish raise, this namely what people says normally " fierce dish " . Wu Panshi can grind ceaselessly with clean calico jade article, the high temperature that be heated produces is OK jade medium rustic and rapid force piece, make its glittering and translucent moist. But fierce dish cannot act too hastily, lest let jade article,destroy at once. Additional, pan Yu still has " meaning dish " say. Meaning dish it is home pointing to Tibet in Pan Yu the goodness that when playing, still needs to thinking jade, and in the goodness from jade ceaselessly derive elite, in order to raise the moral character of oneself, come so, jade article got conserve, the heart of the person that raises jade also is able to purify, time became long the supreme state that can reach person jade syncretic naturally. Say so, raise jade, saying with its is the person raises jade, be inferior to saying is jade raises a person. Raising jade is home of jade article Tibet to happy interest, also be the enjoyment of a kind of hold aloof from the world. Raise one party beauty jade is fine fine dish play, in Yu Jingmi fine taste the past to the past, the mood that lets oneself also touchs the clever gas of a bit jade. Be like,elapse when years water, anile is appearance only, and my heart is like jade, had taken vicissitudes of life, had taken write in an ornate style, had gone to love hate, walk along enemy crossing affection, when farewell eye, it is 100 refine Cheng Yu already, those who having the Wen Run of jade, jade is exquisite, what also having jade is calm and easy...
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