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Chinese jade culture: Beautiful Shi Zhimei holds a " concurrently 5 heart " [gra
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" of jade " hero adds up to cup nuptialing wine cup (bright)

Jade and stone photograph are accompanied, reason has beautiful Shi Zhi to say, it is ignorant that the point with jade and different stone depends on stone without the content that become aware, jade is the content of sexual having feeling. Of Xu Shen of the Eastern Han Dynasty " say civil solution word " in say: Dam? Shizhi is beautiful, hold 5 heart concurrently " , alleged 5 heart, it is to point to tough quality of a material, the burnish of jade-like stone embellish, flowery colour, compact structure and free from worry sound.

The discovery of jade, already had history of more than 8000 years allegedly, the Kunlun hill of our country is group of Yu Zhishan, below its hill have two famous rivers with cropland area, one is river of assorted of jade dragon noise made in coughing or vomiting, produce Bai Yu. One is noise made in coughing or vomiting pulls river of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting, produce Mo Yu, form Tong Jingwei, he Tianyu is with white jade most, its tremolite composition is in 99% above, superior with Tian Ziyu every kilogram is in 1 million yuan of above. Teem with beautiful jade be known as with cropland " under the Supreme Being, the place of 100 gods " . Emblem of Beijing Olympic Games " China imprints " with respect to draw materials He Tianyu.

Know jade, only then at idiom, a few about a hundred, concise and comprehensive, bright able to read aloud fluently, the idiom that has jade is vivid, beautiful. Know jade, depend on culture, especially Thespian, " jade dragonfly " , " Shi Yu bracelet " , " Yu Chai is written down " , " fragrant plantain lily is hated " , jade serves as prop, be like Yu Zhimeng to defend a body, the meaning that returns for clean body, jade is reticent, understand human nature, meaning is far-reaching.

Jade culture is of long standing and well established, have female Wa temper with fire the fokelore of multicoloured Shi Butian; Have " red Lou Meng " what the mouth when Bao Yu is born contains a Ling Baoyu is magical, red the culture that learns an expert to comment this book 3 key link, jade heads key link; " hill sea classics " in the account that Huang Di feeds jade to cream; " moral classics " in have too on stretch changes old gentleman of 3 Qing Dynasty say, namely Yu Qing, go up clear He Taiqing, it is the highest deities of Taoism piously worship.

Child tribute consults Confucius: Desk chair shows chirp octogenarian of  of leg of  of dispatch of  of Duo of  of class of my Bo of Yao of Zhi of  of  of Xi of  commonplace bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase? of handsome fraud glair " be not those who be Min, of reason cheap also, the few of jade, cause is noble also.

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