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Halcyon can change " secret "
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The humidity in southern region air is high, lunt is big, of halcyon dehydrate more northward should slow much. Inn revealed the Min Renfu before remembering 3 years the raw material of some of halcyon should do sample to explain goods of emerald A, B, C technically to use to the client. Have among them a thick makings, fine glutinous is planted, the blackish green that takes black tinea is lubricious, piece mix without tuft at the outset on makings crack, via placing two years many hind, have fine flaw that discovers to white appears above it inadvertently when saying money of A, B to the client, this is in Beijing namely air is dry the phenomenon after dehydrating.

From this we tell a client playing emerald green, when collecting halcyon, should notice to maintain, be sure to keep in mind to not be below the sun insolate, maintaining best additionally is admire is hanged on person namely, can stick the skin to also can lie between the dress, call namely " the person raises jade " . It is emerald buy namely in a relatively warm and wet microenvironment, human body is best optimal " equipment " . The constant of human body sends out blandly a steam that takes acidity slightly, oily be soiled can pass a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place with unoccupied place brilliant to permeate namely, the steam that compensatory halcyon already lost, thereby moist self-restraint halcyon makes its moist rises, also make it becomes transparent gradually rise. Sometimes emerald green because material qualitative change is transparent hind originally some color become shallow (relative to character) , some can become deep again, wet like coloured dress the darken after water is same, if material itself contains the element that deliver quality, so lubricious element is sent to be oxidized further below constant temperature and the effect that take acidity moisture slightly, we can see in those days peculiar " long " lubricious phenomenon.

Emerald quality of a material divides into 5 big sort: One, glass is planted; 2, ice is planted; 3, egg white is planted; 4, fine glutinous is planted; 5, the beans is planted reach bulkier grain crystal kind, 5 kinds brilliant is unoccupied place formation brilliant unoccupied place a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place by extremely extremely subtle subtle glass is planted big the beans of thick a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place is planted. The crystal structure that the beans plants wants relative to what glass plants loose much, taste according to what plant the beans wanting to act the role of for my experience " raise " come out, the feeling that makes it becomes translucence is very difficult issue. "Raise " it can make its embellish some, if not " raise " it criterion " rapid " desiccate, lose original embellish to feel, time grows to be able to appear again a lot of defect. The beans is planted material any crystalline substance is thick, also do the thing of thick lines aptly only when treatment is carved, cannot make delicate sculpture, so it cannot be used as what collect. However, fine glutinous is planted, egg white is planted, what put kind of material on the ice commonly is emerald green adorn article the change below the conserve in the person will be very sharp, such and such change can see in a few months, fine glutinous develops to egg white, egg white is planted to ice development, general ice develops to the feeling of approximate glass, this kind of change will be small the simple sense of one class is taken go high on the simple sense of one class. Of course this kind of change is not emerald itself is planted the change that goes up character, just be after those who have lunt is moist, make its had change on visual perception view. Because this serves as,collect be handed down from ancient times truly, should choose ice to plant, the thing that glass plants.
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