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Of crystal hole uncover close
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The Nai with Mexican strange made of baked clay tile blocks mine, be one famed with its distinctive crystal in mine mine. Nai blocks mine contain the metal such as many lead, zinc and silver, still include the crystal ore deposit of transparent gesso of course, the crystal diameter inside 4 feet, length achieves 50 feet. Contain is worn the crystal hole that these crystal places are called giant. The crystal here is be by below the thermal current that magma room gives off forms. The hole of the sword is Nai another has a large number of crystal hole room in blocking mine.
Nai card mine is the earliest was 1794 tile be surprisinged covers with tiles the prospector of city discovers, they discovered silver-colored ore deposit of one arteries and veins in the bottom of the mountain range. Nai gets stuck (Naica) this name the means between Tarahumara language: A dark place. From be discovered till 1900, what this mineral resources basically produces is bullion. To 1900 when, just begin to disentomb large-scaly zinc and lead.
In 1911-1922 year, this mine is shut for a time because of a variety of reasons. When wanting to abandon this mine, the hole of famous sword was discovered. There is many crystal inside this hole, although very much now be collected, but the ground that still is a very wonderful excursion.

Origin: Chinese gem culture

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