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The appraisal of jade, halcyon
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The relation of jade article and Chinese culture is far-reaching, somebody still mixes the Stone Age on Chinese history between the Bronze Age, differentiate technically a times of a jade article, this also has stated reason. In the civilization of thousands of history in, culture of a kind of material can spread chiliad, reach what did not interrupt, besides pottery and porcelain, be afraid is jade article.

The producing area of Chinese jade and breed are very much, xinjiang has " He Tianyu " , " Yi Liyu " " beautiful wine jade " , guangdong has " Xin Yiyu " (say again " Na Yu " ) , liaoning has " shaddock cliff jade " , shandong has " Shandong jade " , mountain system has " Yu Chuanyu " , henan has " close jade " etc.

In our country the most high grade jade should belong to Xinjiang and cropland " white jade " , its color is white, quality of a material is exquisite, the structure is compact, firm and not fragile. Chinese folk thinks to adorn jade article rises to decorate action to be able to achieve gymnastical result again already, still have " flexibly, macrobian, restful, lucky " the implied meaning.

The classification of jade

jade normally cent is jadeite kind with nephrite kind.

Jadeite kind -- jadeite is halcyon namely. The halcyon with good quality is opposite for relatively rare, the price is high, can cater to the grade of high-grade consumer, basically originate in Burmese, hill stone is called on hill, water stone is called in river bottom.

Nephrite kind -- namely Bai Yu, gray jade, jasper, topaz. Nephrite is cheaper, reason demand is bigger, crop also over halcyon, main source is in our country Taiwan and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States.

How to identify actor bad of halcyon

Because halcyon is showily dark and sedate character and morals, do not have with its with the advantage that replace, won the laudatory title of the king of jade. Its actor bad should be mixed from color, diaphaneity, appearance foreign matter in light of face of this all directions.

Color -- color is the important segment that decides its value, color wants rich and gaudy and even, must color.

Diaphaneity -- good emerald diaphaneity is good, fine and glossy of quality of a material, verdure and deep green all have transparent feeling, be like clear spring water, possess burnish, water portion is good.

Appearance -- emerald appearance, size, ply should appropriate, grinding work degree of finish is even.

Foreign matter -- quality of a material is clean, whether to contain foreign matter to decide actor bad of halcyon, the macula, stain, flawless, mark that do not have a flower should be not had in halcyon.

What is the A goods on jade article market and B goods

"A goods " it is to show halcyon passes conventional technology to machine processing hind, do not change its interior structure, color and hardness, change the jade article of its configuration and exterior only. The does not handle via chemistry jade article of original rock primary colors is OK run in the family, its price also taller. High grade now old hole is planted emerald jade auctions medium price lesser and lesser in international consequently because of its crop every innovation is tall.
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