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Halcyon collects see " of jade article of A goods " collect only: is short of g
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Recently, section of conduct financial transactions of reader of contemporary wall bulletin and exposition of conduct financial transactions will kick off, mobile spot will have collect taste appraisal expert assume personal command, for wall bulletin reader free appraisal is collected article. The basis collects the feedback of lover, wall bulletin picked china, jade, painting and calligraphy, coin the appraisal expert of 4 large category. Before treasure of spot ancient bronze mirror, the reporter interviewed partial expert, let collect lover to understand first a few collect knowledge.

Today, we pay close attention to jade, we will roll out the relevant report of china, painting and calligraphy and coin tomorrow.

Jade first differentiate true and false talks again collect

"Jade article cent is nephrite and jadeite. " jade expert Zhang Yiping expresses, he Tianyu calls nephrite, halcyon is jadeite. Collecting a bound at present, with the person that Tianyu and halcyon have many chasing after to hold in both hands, he Tianyu expects besides seed the price is high, whole, prices comes high as halcyon. No matter halcyon still is He Tianyu, there are many fakes now, want to collect be about to learn resolution true and false first.

Halcyon is collected see A only goods

Zhang Yiping says, halcyon has the branch of A goods, B goods, C goods. Counteract emerald dip at specific acid in blanching fluid, with purify halcyon medium iron impurity is mixed a few besmirch, next again cerated undertake polishing is handled, the halcyon that passes such processing and the halcyon that did not undertake allowing to had managed where call A money. In afore-mentioned processes, certain it is certain to contained emerald structure to get the destruction of degree, accordingly to among them infuse polymer tries to originally knot, what handle through this kind is the B money that says normally. Occasionally, to make white halcyon produces color, often catch the color such as green, red in halcyon, this is C goods.

The level with A, B, different C, it is the basiccest to halcyon classification. Collect lover truly to won't consider B goods and C goods, they more be halcyon of consideration A goods kind, water, color. Alleged kind, somebody thinks those who appear is to had been planted, it is emerald interior grain size and the performance that link tight situation actually, grain young couple is compact plant namely old.

Emerald head is very important also, water is connected namely spend fully, transparent person very infrequent, majority halcyon is opaque to translucence. The scene that watchs halcyon also is to decide the main factor of emerald actor bad, emerald colour and lustre is bright-coloured and full for actor, it is with green especially among them optimal.

He Tianyu looks " pore " differentiate true and false

With halcyon exalted price photograph is compared, he Tianyu's current price is relatively inferior, accordingly also by a lot of collect lover to value, think future is provided more appreciate latent capacity. With cropland jade expert Laogu tells a reporter, with Tian Yu seed makings should look special, if jade of a seed had above 3 conditions are good stuff a medium; 3 conditions are had, it is highest grade.
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