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Antique gem: Can adorn the human culture that collect
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The antique gem headgear on firm sense, it is to point to to the gem headgear inside this paragraph of period ends to World War II of 20 centuries middle period before 5000. But from last centuries 40 time arrive the manual goods of 779 time, OK also end is in this category. No matter the west in vogue still is old east, antique gem headgear because choiceness of gorgeous, formative mixes the precious, colorific of material the bright of burnish, reflected rich culture inside information of the mankind, have collect value richly. Cang Jiazhong is given priority to with the female, but also there is no lack of the male. Antique gem headgear can be collected already, can adorn again, it is the beautiful thing of kill two birds with one stone really.

Buy and collect antique headgear, the introduction is not difficult, the most principal is the development history that knows gem headgear. The antique gem headgear of each timeses and country is endless and identical but each other is correlation.

Material of antique gem objective is not much, so work of archaic ancient codes and records, document, literature and brushwork are the carrier that should consult and must learn. After 19 centuries, as a result of the invention of photography and film, have the scene that mirrors gem headgear in great quantities, be like group of ball, group, celebration, wedding is the record of ritual even, still have picture " Difanni's breakfast " such classic movie, learn by the side of the actress that beautiful grace watchs by the side of and study these elegant and luxurious gem headgear, the thing that is a find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind really.

As to now, jeweller's cans be found everywhere, especially Paris, London, new York, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing are famous brand jeweller's everywhere, can understand the gem headgear with new modern fund not only, still can see town inn or the headgear of brand antique gem that exhibit especially sometimes.

Understand antique gem to be only on market of course wait-and-see be no good, master substantial historical culture knowledge even, the special product that the uses circumstance, headgear to make technology typical sex that wants material of the system that understands each historical periods and style, headgear especially and specific period appear. All sorts of high-quality goods that I suggest to want to visit domestic and international museum more to collect as far as possible, additionally the auction also can have more professional and detailed data.

Want to master modern gem appraisal technology, resolution gives diamond progression, emerald quality of a material, the purity of gold, need has the gem appraisal of modern science and test technology, but to common for the person that collect, these technologies master harder, need time and study, so simple method is good in credit buy in operator, can have letter. Euramerican antique market control is supervised strict, especially if gem indicates time, lapidary quality and size, won't have too much problem so basically. And buy the home to want to notice imperfect, this bit of need is very attentive.
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