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Silver acts the role of tasted introduction
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1, silver-colored basic knowledge
A, silver is one of precious metal, symbolic Ag. Silver is silvery white, opposite density 10.49, melting point (961 ℃ ) , not dissolve Yu Jian and major organic acid, acid of easy dissolve Yu Xiao and heat are vitriolic, brown Ag2S becomes after with air medium 2 oxidation vulcanization closes. 925 silver are the silver of 92.5% joins the copper of 7.5% , make silver-colored hardness and burnish are improved somewhat.
The quality of B, silver, with thousand express.
Sufficient silver: Contain silver to not be less than 990 ‰ , impress is sufficient silver or S990, silver 990.
925 silver: Contain silver to not be less than 925 ‰ , impress is S925 or silver 925.
2, silver-colored headgear machines craft
Technology of ◆ carve flower, carve: This is the old ability law that the bullion with a kind of common China and foreign countries machines. bullion hammer thin, engrave of carve of reoccupy cold chisel gives the effect of anaglyph, or the rich grain on carve is acted the role of. Generally speaking, the area is larger, the effect that expression comes out is richer.
◆ melt law: This ability law is in Europe commonner, use at silver to make only. The method is to use silver the physical character of even and fast heat conduction is blown with fire, the hour that thin silver strip heats to be about to fuse, remove heat source, even cockle goes out with respect to generation on silver strip. The headgear adornment result that makes with this kind of material is very strong, have natural lasting appeal extremely. Have the decorations of effect of record of drop of a few frit additionally, make with silver also outclass gold, have lasting appeal very much.
Metal of grain of ◆ Japan wood: Main material also is silver, production ability law is absorbing, artistic quality and adornment result are very strong. The cupreous silver-colored alloy that method is will pure silver and different content, nickel silver-colored alloy, copper, brass, red metal (also use sometimes a few gold) etc, layer upon layer jackknife solders, handle via knead next, exhibit again smooth, metallic surface can appear the effect skinning texture of different color.
◆ Wu Yinxiang embeds a technology: This is a kind of alloy adornment technology that is used at silver. Law of this kind of ability is used extensively in national capital of middle east, Russia, peaceful. Black silver-colored headgear is the silver that the flower that use engraving tool or carve engrave the design makes a copy, it is next in decorative pattern the alloy of cupreous silver-colored lead of fill pure black, classics polish shows the grain pattern of silver, black and white contrast is sharp, those who show an extremely is dignified.
3, the dominant position that silver act the role ofing savors
A, silver act the role ofing tastes design to abound, price moderate, can follow closely popularity is fashionable, facilitate as tie-in as dress.
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