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He Tianyu is differentiated
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He Tianyu namely nephrite, common weighs true jade. The tell jade on narrow sense, point to Xinjiang and Tian Yu commonly. English name is Nephrite. Chemical composition is hydrous calcic magnesian silicate, chemical type is Ca: Mgs(OH)z(Si4011)2. Hardness is 6 ~ 6.5, density is 2.96, 3.17. Jade of uranous cliff of jade of He Tianyu and jade of Shaanxi blue cropland, Henan Nanyang jade, spring of Gansu Province wine, Liaoning calls China 5 names jade.

Jade culture is the history one of the longest, ancient culture that can represent Oriental culture most, jade represented moral character exalted, happiness and exalted. Classics of all previous end October 2003 the China of a few years of time " country jade " selection job ends, xinjiang and cropland jade are obtained " beautiful jade " title, be named formally to be by association of Chinese treasure jade " Chinese country stone " .

The history

He Tianyu names with producing area and cropland, experienced an evolution process. Be in early The Neo-lithic Age, below Kunlun hill first civilian people discovered He Tianyu, serve as gem and friendship agency to the west is carried and communicate eastwards, formed our country to carry a channel the oldliest with Tianyu " the road of jade " , namely later " the Silk Road " predecessor. Period of the Warring States and cropland jade are called " the jade of Yu " . Qin Dai also is called " Kunshan's jade " , still have later cry " Yu Tianyu " .

Qin Shi emperor begins, china executes an emperor to make, take the place of to Qing Dynasty all the time, he Tianyu becomes imperial jade. The jade article of palace is He Tianyu is made more. Symbolize especially the imperial jade seal of imperial power is multi-purpose jade makes, among them great majority is He Tianyu.

Show what already discovered to use the jade article with the earliest period that He Tianyu makes, good grave of Fu of out Yin Dynasty ruins. After period of age the Warring States, he Tianyu makes main jade material gradually, all expect to collect material, take the place of to Qing Dynasty only then exploitation hill makings.

Cause of formation

From geological science the viewpoint looks, he Tianyu has clear scientific meaning. It is to point to distributing at Chinese Kunlun hill, have magnesian qualitative Dali cliff and in the jade ore deposit that acidity magma contact is explained and forms, have a series of variety such as Bai Yu, topaz, gray jade, Mo Yu, it is a delegate with Bai Yu especially. Its cause of formation, breed occupies unique position in world nephrite, have typical sense. World nephrite breed is onefold, and it is jasper more, and He Tianyu breed is much, have the world's infrequent Bai Yu, jade resides the coronal of world nephrite character. World bed is anguine midge cliff model, with super- base sexual cliff is concerned, and with Tian Yu bed is cliff of the midge that be not a snake model, its cause of formation is not area metamorphism is formed, however typical contact is explained form, these are very distinctive on alive bound.
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