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Emerald beauty discerns admire analyse
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The deep-seated details of jade culture gifted the glamour with transcendental and free from vulgarity halcyon. Specific geological requirement made the humanitarian intention of emerald jade culture, it carries the department of arteries and veins of jade and lapidary and both general character; So the main character from it can see two kinds of character.

Halcyon is a lot of fiber crystal that give priority to with jadeite compact the mineral body that interweaves, hardness 6.5, 7 class, color included all natural facial expression almost, density 3.3, 3.34. The typical feature that has other gem to be not had at the same time -- , emerald green sex, alleged emerald green sex is used one kind namely naked eye observes carefully or look carefully at a record with visible uneven size to flash with magnifier, common says " fly wing " , a small state weigh Sha Xing; Emerald texture differs very big, burnish is reached to oil state from vitreous shape inferior oil state. Quality of a material has translucence -- , inferior transparent -- , opaque, arrive from physical structure hardness, colour and lustre analyses the feature that accords with jade basically. Reach compact structure from its peculiar emerald green sex however. The colour with vitreous gorgeous burnish, translucent knot crystal accorded with lapidary important characteristic again, so we tell halcyon from broad sense is a kind of gem, eastwardly person's peculiar aesthetic habit and its craft character can call jade again (jade of jadeite, halcyon, remote jade) .

Of halcyon emerald green, namely green, it is its most important quality assess parameter, the halcyon with excellent quality besides quality of a material (bottom, kind) high grade outside, color must thick, , in relief, spruce, divide evenly. High-grade emerald green is green be filled with be about to drip, was full of tension. Those who compare emerald is green moist, those who compare chrysoprase is green inside collect, those who compare olivine is green pure, its moist degree, degree of saturation, pure degree make the photograph of colour and lustre of a few gem compares other dim and blank; Abstruse and not make public, composed and not blatant; According to its value discretion, general and high-grade feed machines drop extent, hang, bracelet. Suit cheaply to do in place or other is miscellaneous; Turn again on certain level bear the craft of the Chinese nation is acted the role of article gain is big delicate wait to be buckled closely closely with folk-custom, custom, idea, subject matter extremely heavy and complicated, cover very wide.

Make in craft become one case oneself, also formed independent industry regulation and agreement on trade; Normally some gem are with gram or carat valuation. And halcyon otherwise, ying Congyan is lubricious, quality of a material, perfect degree, the respect such as carver, conception measures an opinion integratedly, common saying has " gold has valence jade not to have valence " , of here " jade does not have valence " , cannot misinterpret the price that spends to not was restricted for the value that cannot assess or mistake, however a kind of judge criterion that limits accurately hard, it is the businessman inside the industry and professional personage the difference that often has some kind of range to emerald appraisal, but the book mouth that cannot cheat abduct obtain sudden huge profits as hole with this, after all still relatively objective evaluation standard makes a basis.
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