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Turquoise carve Yi Zhengui
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Turquoise is a kind of old gem, can make extent of necklace, drop, circle bead wait not only adorn article, and still can carve elegant artwork, because this gets the favour of people.

Turquoise, also call Song Shi, common weighs Song Er, be in our country yuan acting Yang Dian calling assist child or Jing Zhouyu, abroad also renown turquoise, because of its appearance resembles pinecone and get a name. Turquoise is considered as to divide dispel of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease by people all along those who have lucky He Jixiang is calamity, indicative, be known as in gem bound " successful stone " . According to account: Imperial Chao Zhu is miscellaneous adorn, alone the Temple of Heaven metals and stone-a symbol of hardness and strength with blueness, ground altar uses sweet Po, day world uses coral, lunar world uses turquoise. " occupy again " Shi Ya " in say: "The name of Chinese turquoise only then Yu Qing, pasture child renown only then see at yuan, yuan Shi Zunbi pasture child or Yun Lang pasture child, it is turquoise namely. It is turquoise namely..

Main source is in turquoise Iran, Egypt, before the Hubei of Russia, United States and our country, Shaanxi and Xinjiang and other places, among them the turquoise of Hubei the most negative great reputation. According to rocksy analysis, turquoise cause of formation fastens layer at cold fierce, arrive by surface water ooze in rock, dissolved drench filter petrosal the element such as copper, aluminous, phosphor, precipitate in cranny and become. Rub family name hardness 5 - 6 class, provide candle shape burnish, show more green, celadon, olive with malic green. Of qualitative actor show sky-blue and glaucous, sky-blue more sterling, its quality of a material jumps over beautiful. Turquoise is extracted with use having very long history. According to relevant history record, be in early BC 2000 when, peninsula of Nai of the westerly before Gu Ai and person ever organized a prospecting team searchs turquoise. And our country to turquoise use far but date from comes The Neo-lithic Age, the woman adorns in those days adorn there is turquoise product in tasting. Buried more than 2000 years in underground " jump over king Goujian sword " , embed on hilt have turquoise. The turquoise in the coffin pit of year later period that Anhui birthday county comes up out of land bead amount to 1518 unexpectedly, solid belong to infrequent. Display inside hall of Hubei of hall of congress of nowadays Beijing people one honour turquoise Li Shizhen is statuary, it is jade carving factory uses Wuhan to be contained together " iron line " the turquoise artful carve of foreign matter and into, it is delicate very.

Crock of smoke of form of fish of stone carving of clear Dai Lusong, the department amounts to Guan Xiangui in those days play practical implement. It is 6 centimeters tall, thick 3. 5 centimeters, fasten artisan of old times art to wait for carve of ability way spirit to make with anaglyph, bas-relief with small turquoise: See piscine mouth is big only piece, bottle stopper is like hard the conch of deglutition, small dash forward double eye, the fish is branchial a piece of one breath that shut the ground, the grain on piscine fim is acted the role of clear, contracted, become warped on the tail bend, prop piscine body, scale engraves carve piece pieces to become with the line, figure and distinct. Lines of pot of smoke of form of fish of whole stone carving is simple, do not break an elephant like that, extremely be like a fresh and jumpy silver carp. Be in our country folk, the fish often has " annual and superabundant " , " auspicious is superabundant " lucky implied meaning, art artisan the smoking set shape of turquoise carve adult fish, increased its culture connotation apparently. Turquoise carve sees lesser in the market, accordingly also with respect to cover sufficient precious.
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