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300 million yuan of antique are exhibited begin in harbor now
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International is online message (be stationed in 弢 of bridge of Hong Kong reporter) : "Antique of international of two Hong Kong and artwork exposition " now (4 days) remove in succession 4 days to be able to exhibit a center to hold in Hong Kong, exhibit in all 2000 artistic gem, include among them existent the rarest Sakyamuni bronze statue, the dragon of god of 6 white jade of Qing Yongzheng period makes fun of bead bottle, total value evens more 300 million HK dollar. Sakyamuni bronze is an one of item on display with the rarest exposition, on the medium preview yesterday, staff member introduction, this figure of Buddha belongs to the 6 centuries with not at present much amount to to produce bronze ware figure of Buddha, it comes from Pakistan Tuo of Qian of olden and Buddhist shrine collect, although time is ages ago, but still save in good condition, more show different to get the better of rare. Besides antique, exposition still revealed contemporary work of art, like the artist Huang Yongyu, Xu Hongfei creates " Adam, Eve " , the assist inside Japanese artist 籔 fights department to create " Lu Tong " wait. International art exhibits Hei Guojiang of limited company patriarch to introduce, this is close come to Hong Kong more than 10 years reach contemporary art with ancient time first the exposition that two big themes attach most importance to a dot, present down to of The Neo-lithic Age year of contemporary art is pithy. The important milestone that exposition indicates the bound develops a Hong Kong skill, anticipation can attract even more 10 thousand this locality and abroad collector and artistic lover come round to look around. Additional, comfortable meet for Hong Kong collective benefit fund holds water 40 years this year, the entrance ticket of exposition preview cocktail party that holds yesterday and accrual of beneficent on sale will be dialed contribute collective benefit fund, regard a society as beneficent utility.
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