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Antique of Hong Kong international and artwork exposition will reveal Asian art
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Hong Kong of Xinhua News Agency on October 3 report (reporter Chen Jipeng) antique of Hong Kong international and artwork exposition exhibit a center 3 days to hold preview in Hong Kong conference, show scale 5000 square metre, item on display makes an appointment with 2000, total value evens more 300 million HK dollar, include bronze ware, pottery and porcelain and handicraft, painting and calligraphy, furniture, cloth, jade article, and contemporary picture is made, work of art of sculpture, device, photography, integrated media. Sponsor square Hong Kong international art exhibits limited company 3 days to say, this the artistic now special performance of exposition is compared before somewhat augment, the organizer hopes to present the brand-new appearance of Asian art with this. Many 70 ginseng of exposition exhibits gallery and antique dealer to come from global each district, include the artwork business of and other places of England, United States, Italy, Japan, Korea, and house of the hall of heaven and earth of Hong Kong, constant art, Han Yaxuan, focal item on display includes end of bronze of Buddha of 6 century Sakyamuni, 17 century to resemble to Bodhisattva of the avalokitesvara at the beginning of 18 century, grain of bottle of Qing Yongzheng white jade, Qing Kangxi dragon dish, contemporary painter of Wan Qinglong gown, China fizzles out.
Origin: Xinhua News Agency