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Brand of 100 many top class luxury comes to the whole world on the weekend chang
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The houseboat of the ten million on private plane, value, 8.8 million yuan racing bike... reporter of dispatch of net of   Hua Long learns yesterday, luxury of 2008 China International is exhibited will this month 9 days - 12 days are held in Chongqing international exhibition center, this is afterwards Beijing, Shanghai later, china western area first time holds international top class luxury is exhibited. Will have the whole world at the appointed time ginseng of brand of 100 many top class luxury is exhibited, many 20 thousand plute of Chongqing, Sichuan and whole nation already was received exhibit can invite. As we have learned, by chamber of commerce of China International luxury, beautiful Sha exhibition limited company sponsors " exhibition of China International luxury " , annual, the kind that by domestic a gleam of big city government applies is held by turns in countrywide each district. Item on display includes name of racing bike, private plane, houseboat, gem skin of jade article of furniture of wood of cigar of wine of artwork of watch, antique, name, name, halcyon, fashionable dress is provided, advanced cosmetic ten kinds big nearly 100 whole worlds top class brand. Among them, join the luxury brand that exhibit to include a bay to shed houseboat of plane, princess, farad emperor houseboat; The benefit of racing bike, guest, farad benefit, nimble when protecting, Martha pulls Lanbojini the renown car such as the base of a fruit; The name such as Po of Denton, labor person, count, 100 Da Feili, treasure expresses river poem. Additional, tibet hides mastiff association to will organize the ginseng of blooded Tibet mastiff in the bear the palm in major competition for many times to exhibit, among them one is called " run quickly greatly " champion hides mastiff, price is as high as 4 million yuan. According to saying, ground of so extensive, concentration reveals world top class luxury, in our city or first time. The message that comes from an organizing committee says, current exhibit can be in this month 9-10 day, the style that continuance international top class luxury exhibits and run mode, open to invitation VIP rich and powerful person only, 11-12 day citizen can buy a ticket to enter look around. Current, many 20 thousand plute of other area of southwesterly area and whole nation, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan already was received invite, include car of racing bike of 16 kinds of top class brands, luxurious car among them advocate; Owner of villa of level of 40 ten million or accurate client; College of 15 whole nations runs academic EMBA student; 90 home top class golf is meeting, yacht club, private meeting institute member; Brand shop of more than 100 luxury consumes a client; And each country is stationed in change, halt plain diplomat of diplomatic and consular missions and personnel of high level of the transnational corporation that be stationed in change. It is reported, to 2010, china will exceed the United States to become the 2nd big luxury to consume a country, inside 10 years, china will exceed Japan, become the biggest luxury on the world to consume the market. The luxury company with the biggest whole world -- French LVMH group is chief A Ernuo of · of heart of accept of apparitor shellfish Er also thinks, henceforth inside 5 years, hopeful of global luxury consumption is climbed litre to 300 billion euro, among them the country such as China, Russia, India is rising market. Origin: China dragon net, Liu Bin of reporter of Chongqing evening paper

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