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I am saved 3000 " earthy thing " will appear on Xi Bo of the 4th China to meet
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Question of Qinghai news network came 14 days on October 11, the 4th China western culture industry exposition (Xi Bo meets the following abbreviation) will hold in Xi'an. At the appointed time, my province will take 9 kinds big more than 3000 kinds " earthy thing " ginseng meeting. In ginseng extend content and in form, my province will pass conduct propaganda of project of edition of culture industry, new scent, travel to recommend, broadcast wind of big beautiful Qinghai handicraft of mating plate, folk tastes the performance that make to wait, reveal Qinghai adequately multivariate ethical culture characteristic, humanitarian amorous feelings. Ginseng those who exhibit " earthy thing " have, jade is carved kind () of steatite of Huang of Kunlun jade, river, Qi Lianfei jade; Tibetan culture is artistic kind (the) such as types of facial makeup in operas of painterly Tang Ka, wire inlay Tang Ka, barbola Tang Ka, Tibet act the role ofing; Inwrought category (dish the) such as embroider of embroider, inwrought, Tibet; Travel souvenir (pictures of all sorts of Qinghai scene sheepskin, ox horn combs wait for) ; Silver of ethical of everyday use kind (tableware of ethical silver-colored copper, wine is provided, the) such as headgear; The metal carves craft kind (the) such as mastiff of Tibetan antelope, Tibet; Artistic Tibet blanket, hanging kind; Ethical folk craft kind (the) such as picture of knife of lamb specimen, Tibet, farmer. (Author: Wang Chunyan) origin: On the west sea Metropolis Daily