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Section of jewelry of gold of 2008 Shanghai international is ablaze kick off
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Leave the intense heat of summer, shen Cheng greets those who be full of glamour in September. On September 19, section of jewelry of gold of 2008 Shanghai international in the beach outside Shanghai old port city kicks off, wonderful activity attracted numerous consumer to come round to watch. Shanghai live abroad of appearance of the Song Dynasty of chairman of union of trade of contemporary service of vice-chairman of the 10th the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Shanghai, shanghai classics appoint vice director Zhang Xinsheng, wang Shengbin of vice-chairman of Chinese gold association, guo Fang of deputy warden of area of Shanghai yellow riverside, shanghai gold acted the role of the honored guest such as Cheng Binghai of chairman of moral trade association to attend an opening ceremony. Section of jewelry of gold of 2008 Shanghai international is sponsorred by government of people of division of Huang Pu of Economic Commission of Shanghai people government, Shanghai, shanghai gold acts the role of dragon of blessing of gold of moral trade association, old Feng Xiang, old temple, Shanghai great of Zhoudafu, Shanghai base enterprise, inferior come or flow together of gem of one gold inn, town god, Zhang Tiejun undertake. Mobile exert oneself receives world gain at be fond of, promote headgear of Shanghai gold jewelry the quality of course of study and grade ceaselessly. Secretary-general of Shanghai gold association makes Wen Jun express, the aim that this the activity holds is: The first, promote gold jewelry culture, model a brand classic form; The 2nd, inheritance is classical, lead style, make internationalization headgear of jewelry of metropolitan high grade gold, the communication window that provides a brand to change for headgear of enterprise of brand of China and foreign countries, brand and transmission arena; The 3rd, with innovating achievement guiding market flourishs, stimulative consumption, satisfy requirement ceaselessly. Confused of this window of section of jewelry of gold of second Shanghai international is shown. Company of jewelry of Shanghai much home is taken an active part in. They reveal the newest, most fashionable gem to act the role of in succession in mobile spot and respective door inn article. Old temple gold and town god gem roll out annuity of personal ugly ox ahead of schedule; Town god still is revealed in door inn " 4 great beauties " , " live and work in peace and contentment " , " Cuncao spring scenery " , " dove and woman " wait for jade carving an excellent work and Tian Huang of many high-quality goods; Zhang Tiejun rolls out multinomial and patent product, include famous emerald small carve " 1000 hands 1000 avalokitesvara " . Additional, below the organization of gem division organizing committee, gold of old Feng Xiang, old temple, inferior halcyon of gem of one gold inn, town god, Zhang Tiejun, east colorful auger, headgear of Zhoudafu, bright card, today inferior the enterprise such as company of gold of golden inn, Shanghai is returned will be during whole gem section, roll out personalized shopping sales promotion to popularize an activity respectively. If old Feng Xiangju runs fair of headgear of the 16th Shanghai, old temple gold will undertake " only gold, bullion high-quality goods " angel series way develops, inferior one gold inn is begun " my inferior one, my exclusive " 15 years of inn celebrate thematic activity, zhou Dafu limited company will be begun during shopping section " engrave brilliant, inheritance dreams " sales promotion activity, bright card headgear is rolled out " love is set along with " marry auger act the role of large sale activity, today inferior golden inn is begun " fashionable headgear, wonderful today inferior " sale activity, shanghai gold company is rolled out " gold mid-autumn, gold moon cake " and " buy a metal bar, change partner of headgear, gold, yield benefit at civilian " wait for sales promotion activity. Besides, a few companies are begun actively still civilian service. Be like,division of appraisal of senior engineer, high-quality jewelry makes form of professor of Shanghai technology supervisory bureau Peng, song Jing of Great Master of arts and crafts of old Fengxiang China, the country serves old Feng Xiangquan star Chu Hui is numerous, dai Yongcai of Great Master of arts and crafts of Zhang Tiejun Shanghai, inferior commerce of China of one gold inn serves star Dong Yan, star of the expert such as Yao Yogong of division of qualitative check of jade of treasure of China of town god gem, model worker, service presents as leading role civilian bureau of inspect of industrial and commercial bureau, ability, disappear protects service group and Shanghai appoint, guild headgear is begun to adorn in the spot, use, maintain seek advice. Section of jewelry of gold of 2008 Shanghai international is one of significant activities of 2008 Shanghai shopping section, overall activity will last to October 5 all the time.
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