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Emerald true bogus is differentiated
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Because price of high grade halcyon is high, what counterfeit and substitute appear to pretend to be true halcyon on the market is very much, one true one holiday has great difference on the price. Differentiate true bogus, understanding and the green jade that know likeness to expect, right the person that collect is attached most importance to especially should. Coloring halcyon. Cant is called " B " goods, color of this kind of halcyon is not natural, make facial expression with laser through chemical method however. Differentiate this kind of goods, should watch scene seriously pure, true halcyon is sap green, have garrulous state small crystal fiber, submit wing of cicada's wings, fly or astral dot form, and " B " kind emerald color relatively float, have cloudy feeling, show wine. Glassware halcyon. Say " C goods, without composition of a bit halcyon, be modelled on for glass or other data completely, this kind of copy tastes color divide evenly and, coquettish, harsh, interior does not have feature of emerald green sex, proportion is small. Abroad also has illegal pedlar to hold inferior halcyon high to grind powder with high-pressured home, add color to become halcyon with high temperature crystallization next, of copy pretend to be high-grade ice well to plant halcyon, but use magnifier observation carefully its look look is too neat, for emerald green sex, what macula, blackish green appears is inflexible, proportion is smaller also. Bay jade. Produce from Australia, contain the opal of light green chalcedony for a kind, submit translucent form, color is similar halcyon, but green is shown slightly yellow, those who appear is particularly fresh and tender, open system even, interior does not have green muscle, green silk is long term shape. Emerald green jade. With Henan alone hill stone is given priority to, each district is collected article the market is most common. Weigh emerald green jade, pledge because of its namely exquisite, vitreous burnish, hardness, proportion and color all slightly presumable halcyon, but with taste photograph comparing really, color is owed, hair is frowsty, slant slightly ash is olive, splash submits a form, give a person to feel in order to be ineffective alive, and the green of truly Burmese halcyon has dilate of apparently lubricious source, form mirror green. Dong Lingyu. Produce from India, green Dong Lingyu is close to halcyon most, its colour and lustre is bright beautiful, appearance also shows a star to nod shape, dead shape to distributing, dan Dongling jade is micaceous and microcrystalline body, scale having a fish is flashy, not be cicada's wings shape, and the weigh in hand that use a hand is heavy, emerald heavy fact, dong Lingyu is ethereally. Anyhow, buy halcyon to act the role of need to observe more and consult an expert, believe can little flower treats unjustly money. Origin: Urgent? of Zhan Gu solemn Lu

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