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Avalokitesvara of jade of 1.23 meters tall halcyon resembles
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It is before in general and civilian common people, halcyon is enjoyed write mystery and cannot the position of make friends with a man of higher position, till nearly hundred years, just begin to rise in civilian popularity, now more somebody fell in love with becomes with emerald carve precious avalokitesvara to resemble. In " jade article of Yong Changzhu treasure goes " more put one honour worldly rarely some is giant emerald avalokitesvara, wait to write honorable person having a reason.

For quite a long time, everybody knows Burmese ability produces only halcyon, because this will Burmese jade serves as the pronoun of jadeite. Jadeite is formal name, and the cant that Burmese jade is a connoisseur. Halcyon is the world's very rare gem, our country Qing Dynasty inspects halcyon to be imperial court highest grade toward palace, halcyon sculpture gets beautiful Huan of United States annulus, place it is in palace, become royal or curule the inevitable first selection that collect.

Of Burmese north raise that area closely, emerald reserve is the largest, early extracts lapidary class halcyon, supply world each district, and " jade article of Yong Changzhu treasure goes " what what use is the halcyon from Burmese concentration, have absolutely so assure. The chief week girl that gem jade article goes says, the Fei Shi Jun that buys to ensure client company is medium is class A, if fail to obtain letter when calibrating of center of calibrating of Wu Xiang harbor, can return money absolutely, provide perfect after service to reach assure.

" jade article of Yong Changzhu treasure goes " in the emerald avalokitesvara that put to heft more than 200 kilograms resembles, face is sweet, double small hole is small piece, the face brings a smile, the hand takes dew of Yang Zhi gold to reach Buddha bead, clever Xiang Shuli, it is the rare height on the world 1.23 meters halcyon avalokitesvara resembles. Ask a master to carve this honour the week girl that avalokitesvara resembles says, this honour the carve of original rock of Burmese jade halcyon that emerald avalokitesvara weighs more than 400 kilograms class A with and into, very rare.

Giant emerald avalokitesvara be able to disgraced be not easy thing, many difficulty are passed truly in the center. Alleged " jade not carve won'ts do implement " , before megalith did not meet Baile, still be " stone " . Original rock of halcyon of this giant and Burmese jade arrives from Burmese carry by a Taiwan businessman inland, at the beginning he resembles its carve into avalokitesvara with respect to the decision, and the process that resembles in sculpture avalokitesvara, because finish its carver and this Taiwan businessman abandons without sufficient financing. Ever since, original rock of halcyon of this giant and Burmese jade is had by week girl the predestined relationship is met, she hopes the avalokitesvara of magnificent resembles be able to disgraced, so Yi Yi accepts the job that next this one difficult hards iron like that.
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