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The distinction of jade of elementary introduction China and Burmese halcyon
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Chinese jade belongs to amphibole kind, chinese jade weighs nephrite again, make with nephrite in China implement the history is long. According to " history write down " there already was li to order what jade makes to lift when what carrying Huang Di, from this we can conclude be when Huang Di or the numerous common people of the our country before Huang Di is made with jade implement quite general already. Burmese halcyon jade belongs to picrite kind, make with Burmese halcyon jade implement use at adornment to be in our country Qing Daicai is paid close attention to stage by stage (use before clear generation very few) , its are main the reason has Chinese southwest traffic nearly 229 years to just develop gradually, halcyon just comes from Burmese carry in great quantities. Although the has " halcyon early road " on Chinese history, but still be narrow meandering footpath after all, cannot regard carriage channel. Chinese jade basically originates in our country Xinjiang Yu Tian, with hill of another name for Taishan Mountain of cropland, Xie Erqiang, close Er and northward mountain range in, hill is produced, aquatic product and sand are produced. Meng Gejiang takes the affluent that Burmese halcyon basically originates in the river end Burmese and upper Yiluowa, with close of and other places of the Teng Chong of our country Yunnan, Dali, in originating in subterranean conglomerate. The Yunnan of our country vacates strong, Dali to be emerald distribution centre.
From " Yu Bing times " is made with jade enginery, sacrificial vessel, tool, miscellaneous implement rise with adornment, china already had jade of thousands of years to use the history, china has the history that serves as be buried with the dead thousands of years with jade again, come up out of land in China so Gu Yu is Chinese jade mostly namely nephrite and very much also. The history that Burmese halcyon jade uses extensively in China is not long, have rarely in China so without the halcyon that come up out of land. If halcyon is in,emphasize here clear acting be buried, come up out of land now, this halcyon be buried year close, after coming up out of land, this halcyon is not had come up out of land emerald feature, that is to say this halcyon won't have the appearance such as spot of earthy rust, earth, so halcyon is absent come up out of land in the limits that Gu Yu tells about.
Mother of an emperor of clear kind happiness loves halcyon. The " halcyon " that Chinese place uses before clear generation and the " halcyon " that allude in all sorts of history are Chinese jasper, a kind be Chinese nephrite, belong to amphibole kind medium actinolite, be not true halcyon, we cannot promiscuous. Origin: Make the same score? of ν of sandpiper Chinese catalpa