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3 Chou Shi are emerald beautiful jade so
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The friend of Mr Ni sends him 3 Chou Shi, did not think of these 3 stone are Burmese halcyon jade completely, after the course is machined meticulously, value can be as high as tens of 10 thousand yuan. Recently, when the expert that collects a society when the province tells Mr Ni this one news, mr Ni with joy disastrous.

Mr Ni tells a reporter, he is Changsha person, once was in Burmese did a few years of businesses, this year on April 10, he prepares to answer Changsha to farewell before setting out of a Burmese friend, the friend sends him these 3 stone volume of.3 piece stone is similar, dan Junji is ugly clinking, together so black that resemble charcoal, additional two although showing green trace, but extremely irregular. Feel puzzled in Mr Ni heart: Month of? 5 of clear of ど of artisan of an ancient nationality in China of kang of Yao of  of Sun of play of Bei of hammer of pay of Fu this camel 5 days, mr Ni is taking 3 Chou Shi to find a province to collect institutional expert, wanting to see this Chou Shi is what thing after all. After the tool such as the flashlight of miniature of expert have the aid of of week of a surname, magnifier looked carefully at these 3 stone carefully, affirmative ground says, these 3 stone all are Burmese halcyon jade. The stone that the most valuable is that black (estimation is Pi Yuanshi of black Wu Sha, this website editor is noted) . From stone 3 open 6 " the window " in light of, this stone ahead included purer jade.

The expert says, in trade, open on gravel definitely only " the window " , and the gravel of this black opened 6 in 3 " the window " , from " the window " look, have a bigger halcyon really among them, because the friend of this Mr Ni is when give sb a present, have sincere desire. It is not quite good that he expresses to be returned at present the value that estimates these 3 stone, depend on not only because of emerald value raw material, still depend on treatment, if invite outstanding craftsman to machine halcyon elegant handicraft, so value is achieved likely tens of 10 thousand yuan. (Deng Wei is entered)

News source: ど punish Piao