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Blanch fill up chromatic processing halcyon is differentiated
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Halcyon blanchs the impurity that color and diaphaneity affect in filling up the main purpose of processing is take out halcyon. Fill up and mask the cranny in halcyon, emerald green sex that reduces halcyon, the aesthetic feeling that increases halcyon in order to achieve, raise price and score gain of high specified number. The market often says for B goods halcyon.
Like colorant is added when filling up, say for halcyon of B + C. Blanch so the cheap headgear in filling up the object of processing is commonly is mixed batch of makings.
Particular procedure is as follows: (1) choosing expects general choice is medium cheap, medium the halcyon with thick bead structure and much cranny. If the beans is planted, the Yu Liao of cyanine or cranny development. And the material that the halcyon with structure of fiber shape granule and very few cranny does not make processing; (2) had been chosen is general first rough machining expects group by group or slice. And raw material does not undertake B is handled normally. But often be used commonly by acerbity corrosion of chromatic cheat; (3) hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and aqua fortis, the time of acerbity chroma, temperature and corrosion should note when corrosion, till the affects emerald color and diaphaneity impurity in dropping crackle with corrosion, cannot corrosion is overweight. (4) is counteracted or rinse the more than acid in sample and inattentive content. (5) stuff is ordinary first vacuumize, again infuse polymer, enhance solid sex. At present commonly used filling is all sorts of high polymer polymer. Already discovered to there is the halcyon of inorganic stuff stuff on the market of late. (6) treatment is cast grind, figuration of exterior coating, finished product. Halcyon fills up processing has apparent inhomogenous sex. Generally speaking the position of cranny development and shallow-layer structure destroy degree deep, rate of other place injury is inferior, central area is affected commonly very small. Scathing rate depends on the element such as the chroma when acid etching, temperature and time. Fill up the crucial position that handles emerald appraisal is exterior feature, cranny and shallow-layer structure so. (1) exterior feature fills up exterior feature basically behaves processing halcyon to reach its to cast in burnish, reticulation, color grind wait for a respect. The crackle development of A reticulation shape, dendritic, irregular shape, place of most edge cranny and development of crystal border and crystal conglomeration border. Note
Glue also has certain indication after besmear candle. This kind of feature as time elapse more apparent. B fills up the burnish after processing is changed to candle shape burnish, colophony burnish by strong glass burnish. Its degree strong amblyopia records glue part how many and different. C color and contrast of quality of a material are apparent, configuration by natural group piece shape, banding change to shape of stain shape, astral drop record, shiver, messy and float sense is strong. The orange skin effect with even D, often spread all over whole surface layer. Because grain and aperture note the hardness difference of glue to be in,this is cast the show in grinding different be caused by. (2) cranny feature cranny is in the main place that fills up be acid etching and fill are masked in processing, also be appraisal fills up the significant breakthrough that handles halcyon is nodded. A cranny is in it is better to fill up processing process middling shows extensibility banding and tectonic. The mechanical nature of its configuration feature and cranny itself is concerned, if curve account size,change differ. Outspread it is piece of gender cranny commonly, those who show stability of flat shape direction is much to cut sexual cranny. These cranny classics B all broaden apparently after processing, appear for sunken channel cereal. As the elapse of time, cranny area is more and more apparent. B cranny brim is mineral grain falls off easily when acid etching the uneven form that gravel makes piece of sexual grain part that forms all sorts of irregular depression hole and reservation to come down, identify extremely easily. C cranny often is to fill up polymer most centralized place. They and cranny the interface of two walls differs because of substance appearance, show irregular face shape construction. Circular bleb often can see inside polymer. (3) structural feature fills up the structure that handles halcyon arises normally very about-face, by enchase cheek by jowl so interweave shape becomes inattentive fragmented, local and serious person the shape that become gravel and matrix cementation feature, basically center in the shallow-layer. The circle that degree differs after acid etching of A mineral crystal is changed, former from form be destroyed badly and be changed in acid etching to the half edges and corners side from form crystal or irregular form crystal form, the circle of crystal pattern changes degree and processing rate positive to close. B grain feels abate, decrescent of emerald green sex. C shallow-layer is mineral between crystal by enchase Xiang Song to come loose cheek by jowl detached. Matrix cementation is apparent. The permutation of crystal on the trend with direction and outspread color discontinuous. (4) infra-red spectrum. The halcyon that high polymer polymer fills up has a feature to absorb a peak around 3000 Cm-1 normally, have most with 3000 Cm-1 upper part especially differentiate a meaning. The spectrum outside Dan Gong does not have distinct effect to the halcyon that fills up with inorganic material. Grace of halcyon differentiate halcyon precious in Yu Duozi the color of colorful He Liangli, also be the parameter with evaluation the mainest halcyon. So chromatic processing early of halcyon already appeared in the market. Chromatic method has commonly:  of ⑷ of  of childish of ⒕ of  of  of old  ⒔ quite Mei of ず head  calls C goods halcyon by the habit on? market. Color of coloring, dip, bureau color and fill up the color of the halcyon of chromatic processing often distributings centrally in cranny, brilliant unoccupied place in, in transmission light dark field environment shows filiform to distributing to observe extremely easily; Plated film halcyon is in commonly colorless halcyon is exterior the plating outside showing isinglass qualitative film with green, clad halcyon also cries on the market, the color of plated film halcyon that just had done is even, the surface is bright and clean, have certain beguiling sex. But the feature that does not have halcyon in the surface after enlarge, show candle shape burnish, see glue film and halcyon sometimes between not the place of agglutinate. Refractive index often deviate 1.66. Plated film halcyon grows gradually as time, show a shape to fall off, exterior nick again and again, burnish is dim, yi Jian is decided. Radiation is chromatic emerald color surface is even, show lump of a shape, spot, differentiate more easily with natural halcyon. News source: ? of ν of neon  Chinese catalpa
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