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Charge for the making of sth. is the main factor that halcyon collects value
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Vice director of council of major of Chinese treasure jade

Reporter: How does Jia make silk carries? of Guan of Wu of Quan Hao old man on the back to avoid to buy those false halcyon?

Feng: Vulgar of outskirt of horsefly of  argon eunuch flinchs Qia? key still wants to act on " after learning first, buy, look to be bought less more " principle. That is to say, to resembling halcyon such jade, the client does not want rapid move to buy, want to master the basic knowledge that a few gem differentiate however, such ability are unapt be decieved. E.g. , some businessmen pester on one paragraph of hair on false halcyon, nod suffer from excessive internal heat next, the hair was not burned; Or, take the dress to wrap on jade, burn with lighter, the dress did not burn unkennel to come, what will prove what oneself sell with this is true halcyon certainly, this is apparent legerdemain, without any scientific reasons inside. Such legerdemain, want a client to think a bit only, can understand.

Of course, go to those emerald brand shop that have reputation buying, can yet be regarded as the method of a kind of Tuo Tie.

Reporter: ǎ of any of several hot spice plants of Mu of Lai of Wu of be disrespectful of owlet of  of ゼ of horsefly of Xin brandish bits

Feng: This? takes word fear the key will be buckled gently when attacking true halcyon, can give out the sound like ringing and euphonic wind-bell, bite dingdong is become, have qualitative feeling of music. And those B class halcyon that noted glue, because among them crystal structure was destroyed by acidity, be in so buckle when attacking, sound resembles tile like depressing. This is the simplest and effective distinction method.

Additional, the burnish of true halcyon is bright, false present a waxiness. On quality of a material, what true halcyon has a kind of jade is transparent with simple sense. And a false colour is bemused, gutty " float " instability.

Reporter: How does? of Wu of Nie of  Qin Xian distinguish the discretion of quality?

Feng: Horsefly ダ this? the halcyon of a high quality, must have 4 requirements:

1. Quality of a material is close friends: ? of book fade prize " kind " be close friends, because emerald structure is polycrystal structure, the degree of finish of crystal structure and the stand or fall that form ordinal meeting to affect emerald quality.

2. Light transmittance is close friends: Mei Nie Wulai is able to bear or endure foreign matter of interior of? of care of  of celiac error sparrow is little, spend completely more tall.

3. Color wants to abound: Zhui of Wu Huang word treats   ? besides Gong Fei green emerald green outside, still have the color of a kind of violet. Pure green halcyon is highest grade, very god-given, emerald green dinkum, "Rich and gaudy in relief " proper, just be top grade.

4. Charge for the making of sth. is close friends:  receives insane Hui collect to conceive? of be apt to to want to have circulate the value that collect, a good do manual work is very important. Current for emerald craft of home, on charge for the making of sth. , more defective still.
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