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Emerald appreciate is small stick person
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The picrite that halcyon belongs to acerbity salt of sodium, aluminous silicon kind lapidary, it calls industry inner tube jadeite, english name of halcyon composes Jadeite, it is the abbreviation of Spanish Picdodejade, probably the meaning adorns namely the gem in the waist. Its are main producing area is to be in spend Burmesely risk. The place of other is like and other places of California of Japan, United States, Mexico, new Guinea to also have.

Emerald hardness is in 6.5 go to 7 degrees in this limits, translucent shape. Emerald color has a lot of planting, resemble white, grey, pink, weak brown, olivine, green, yellow, red more complex, but green is halcyon is medium however " wrist " , nevertheless wrist and wrist also are different, green fractionize still has 6 grade, they are: Wu? among them green slants to weigh old colourful green greatly. The apple is green. Green in extensive is yellow, but yellow color is not apparent. Green heart is green. Just as its name implies is the peak green like green leaf. Spinach is green. Color is dark however smudginess. Glossy dark green. Approximate has the gray of some of general inside sap green, opaque. Ash is green. With glossy dark green contrary, it is in gray extensive is worn green.

The personage inside the course of study on emerald market is emerald product component 3 kinds, call A goods, B goods and C goods respectively. A goods " it is to show halcyon passes conventional technology to machine processing hind, do not change its interior structure, color and hardness, change the emerald goods of its configuration and exterior only. The does not handle via chemistry halcyon product of primary colors of this kind of original rock is OK of run in the family, have extremely tall collect value and the action of the appreciation that keep a cost. B goods " , because there is foreign matter to want to be handled through chemical, high temperature in original raw material,it is hind, eliminate the impurity inside it, next again the liquid with transparent infuse, let it become more glittering and translucent and beautiful, with this kind honest legal system makes legal emerald product, we call it is " B goods " . Because of such emerald goods its internal composition has been changed, so time grows primary colors to be met lose, its collect value and value of the appreciation that keep a cost to be inferior to A goods. "C goods " namely the colored of course chemistry method that people often says " jade " , spoken parts in an opera is man-made gem.

The what market of emerald market and other is same, also put in the phenomenon with fake move, this kind of fake existence affected the mature development of emerald market not only, also damaged greatly the interest of consumer, the true bogus that identifies halcyon appears very important between emerald consumption.

Emerald appreciate:

It is the quality of a material that should read it. It is better to should choose diaphaneity. Of halcyon can see through illumination have partial mist shape or spot state, and vitreous mimic does not have these features, what this kind of mimic does is again good also meet alveolate.
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