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Tan Yu says cicada
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The jade article history of our country is long, breed diversity, use is extensive, there is no lack of among them a few variety that have bright era feature and special purpose, yu Chan is among them one of.

Cicada is the insect with common people, because it cries,noise shines, life characteristics is peculiar, consequently early gets the attention of people. According to archaeology data account, there already was Yu Chan early to appear in period of new stone vessel, famous business acting Yin Dynasty ruins " Fu is good " grave, ever Yu Chan comes up out of land, the Yu Zhui that comes up out of land at the same time, Yu Cong also has a few to act the role of with cicada grain. The figure of visible cicada serves as a kind of adornment, had come out thousands of years.

Yu Chan with respect to its utility, can divide roughly it is 3 kinds: Extensive controls seeing the name of a think one thinks of its function of  Piao? , it is to be worn technically be decorated in order to make on person and avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and with; Another kind is Guan Chan, go up at the cap as decorations compose; Still have a kind of use relatively distinctive, be weighed to contain cicada, this is a kind put park dead mouth technically to follow bury mediumly to taste. Be in our country Chinese generation, a distinctive new class appeared in jade article, namely the mortuary jade of whole set, before this, although useful already at mortuary jade article, but appear into series or be in Chinese generation. Chinese generation person pays attention to thick bury, they think to follow bury to be able to achieve the goal that makes a body immortal with jade, jade make it should be used after the person is accordingly dead so called " 9 a key to do sth implement " come the aperture a key to do sth of cover ram body. Place what the jade article in the dead's mouth says to be contained for jade among them, and Yu Hanzhong is most common is to contain cicada. The ancients thinks cicada sex is high-minded, "Cicada slough at chaotic dirty, with pelagian dust besides " (" history biographies of Gu Sheng of the Qu Yuan that write down · " ) , cicada lives in filth and mire before final exuviate becomes adult, when waiting for cicada of exuviate melt into, fly to high tree, drink is roric, it may be said gives mud and do not catch, so very praise highly. Still have a kind of view, think cicada is in namely cool autumn days when from inside be buried is gotten on the tree, wait for spring of the coming year to warm get from inside earth again mount a tree, can go round and round, unripe be born not to cease, because this dead mouth contains Yu Chan but pray looks at reincarnation second birth. Actually this is a kind of misunderstanding of people only, in getting be buried is the larva of petty cicada only, the larva of cicada wants torpid very long period of time in earth, short criterion 3 years two, long what can amount to seventeen years even is long, pardonable people does not know what how get to the cicada in earth is.
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