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Of halcyon and similar jade differentiate
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Because people is right of halcyon love day with advance gradually, look is good the emerald social status that has planted is climbed litre, having price because of halcyon, outlaw uses a few people to lack understanding to halcyon, the glass that often uses appearance and the natural stone with similar halcyon or prefabricate pretends to be halcyon, pass away the sham as the genuine, achieve try to gain the purpose of huge profit, your the consumer of a few ignorance gets loss. Because of this a few halcyon that we must appear possibly to the market similar stone is known somewhat, introduce a few kinds of relatively common similar stone as follows now:

(One) the distinction of nephrite and halcyon

We often are heard have jade " of Canada of such as " and " of jade of Taiwan of Tian Yu " , " , " ; And " of Mo Yu of " of gray jade of " of jasper of " of " suet white jade, " , " , " , wait for a name, they are to belong to mineralogical in the aggregate that calls " nephrite " . They are to belong to mineralogical in the aggregate that calls " nephrite " .. Moraine? sees in the have not in ancient codes and records of our country ancient time reach, the department originates latter-day mineralogical in. Nephrite is by amphibole a group of things with common features the special aggregate of mineral composition. According to its color, nephrite can differentiate for: Child ⒈ of Chi ⑶ chirp Chi escapes Song of cowardly of ⑻ of plain Chi of ⒒ of Chi of Chi ⒛  lights steel to plant the place of the different distinction of nephrite of? of plaque  cent and halcyon has:
1. Nephrite color is evener, white, sap green, black green waits, without viridian.
2. Nephrite shows grease burnish, without emerald green sex.
3. The proportion of nephrite (3) the proportion that compares halcyon slightly is low.
4. The refractive index of nephrite (1.62) Yi Lue is than emerald refractive index low.

(2) the distinction of " of " Ma Laiyu and halcyon

80 time, appear on jade article market a kind of green is bright-coloured and even jade, a string of beads of make it or drop extent, once cheated many people, think it is the high-grade halcyon " with god-given " . Is this kind of jade what after all? This kind of jade calls Malaysia jade (abbreviation horse jade, also have call " Ma Laicui " ) , this just is a name just. Malaysia jade does not originate in Malaysia. It is a few India and Pakistan businessman, the name of a kind of false halcyon that opens earlier and many belt to be hawked into Yunnan border in the mainland. Ma Laiyu is one kind catchs green actually extremely granule quartzite, but as more obvious than existing as emerald photograph different point:
1. Naked eye observation, the color of Malaysia jade is too bright-coloured and very factitious.
2. The proportion of Malaysia jade is 2.65, far the specific gravity 3.24 ~ 3.43 that is less than halcyon.
3. The average refractive index of Malaysia jade is 1.55, the refractive index that compares halcyon is low.
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