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Halcyon of appraisal of 5 big subtle move
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Many consumer like to collect now or adorn emerald goods, but to how be being differentiated for Everyman not easy however, here introduces a few to differentiate a method simply. Put halcyon below fluorescent lamp, observe its color changes, a goods and C goods do not produce change, b goods has fluorescence, float white.C goods is handled through coloring, reason cranny of its color edge distributings, and submit reseau form, attentive observation naked eye can see. In addition, basically notice the following when choosing halcyon: It is the quality of a material that should read it. It is better to should choose diaphaneity. Transparent or natural halcyon quality of a material is translucent, exterior fat profit is bright lustre, careful observation, those who see intimate circle is a bit transparent " saline bead " and around the fiber form substance all round its. Halcyon can see through illumination have partial mist shape or spot state, and vitreous mimic does not have these features, this kind of mimic is done again well also meet alveolate. 2 it is emerald hardness very tall. Sharp cutting tool is engraved, delimit, won't stay have a mark. Halcyon is to be able to delimit of glass, if do not delimit,give any marks suspectable. 3 it is emerald green sex. Natural halcyon observes to strong light, the emerald green quality that has other and mineral grain among them it is thus clear that is flashy, call emerald green flower or emerald green sex; The bogus that makes with makings of glass, plastic, porcelain is tasted plant without this " emerald green sex " feature. The 4 proportion that are halcyon are large, weigh in hand has heavy feeling on the hand, and vitreous mimic appears buoyant. 5 it is to should see do manual work. Had better be to use the magnifier of 4 times above to look. The public figure that adorn and collects halcyon should take care not to collide halcyon. Look from the surface sometimes be like nondestructive, but actually the course collides, internal composition of halcyon has been damaged, and unripe dark grain. Halcyon very abstain from lampblack is fat. If be the high-grade money that keeps a cost, unfavorable adorning boil into the kitchen feed. Halcyon also does not suit to be close to high temperature, more cannot long bask in. Because long-term and such, easy generation physics changes and lose luster, not so bright. Halcyon also cannot contact strong acid solution, can destroy emerald structure and color in that way. Origin: Masses net - Qi Lu evening paper