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Halcyon collects: Price stability appreciates apparent
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Halcyon is the jadeite that says normally, belong to sodium aluminous silicate kind. Those who form halcyon is main and mineral -- jadeite cliff, it is magma crystallize below the special and geological condition such as microtherm, high pressure and become. Jadeite cliff itself does not have color, iron, magnesian, aluminous, chromic, manganese mineral enter sodium aluminium inside grey stone crystal lattice, present the color with a depth different shade. Among them, contain the halcyon with chromic, magnesian more element, form green, people says normally for emerald green; The halcyon with the more element that contain iron forms red, people says normally for Fei.

Halcyon is the king in jade, weigh the world with diamond, ruby, sapphirine, emerald " 5 names treasure " . Emerald quality and value are main Cong Jiyan is lubricious, quality of a material, diaphaneity, pure degree wait for a respect to measure. Generally speaking, halcyon is with green excellent, be like tender leaf with lubricious green jade among them, if burnish coagulates fat, translucent shape had better. And do it with green white alternate with or red green alternate with most, only the precious gem ability such as pearl of diamond, emerald, opal, highest grade is rivalled to it.

The personage that occupies hep market level is told, come nearly 30 years, halcyon rises in price to already amounted to several hundredfold thousandfold even, the more high-grade halcyon, rise range is bigger. The price of Burmese halcyon raw material also is in break up year after year before a.40 is old 100 multivariate Hongkong dollar can buy to go up beautiful " old hole glass is planted " halcyon, count at every turn now yuan, to fancy halcyon, its price is more breathtaking. 1997 auction of headgear of halcyon of person heart autumn meets Hong Kong beautiful on, a string of bead chain that forms by 27 pure emerald green halcyon, every bead diameter 15.215.9 millimeter, the diamond cable length that a 10 carat match on bead catenary is buckled, its are luxuriant degree can says worldly and rare. Catenary of this string of halcyon bead sent 72.62 million HK dollar finally. 1999 auction of person heart autumn meets Hong Kong beautiful on, the ring of halcyon of elliptic egg face that a norms is 14.83mm of × of 33.08mm × 18.78mm clinchs a deal with 18.5 million HK dollar, refresh record of world of on sale of egg face ring.

Gold gets halcyon easily to be begged hard

Burmese the main source that is halcyon, the country such as Russia, United States, Guatemala also produces halcyon, the halcyon that nevertheless these national institute produce because of level of short of gem value is not high. Classy halcyon produces the range that shows a river to take kilometer of hundreds of square in dew of affluent of the river end Burmese Yiluowa only inside. The uncertainty of the only sex of emerald producing area, complexity that becomes mine, crop caused halcyon to compare diamond more precious is rare, have more collect value, common saying says " gold is easy, halcyon is begged hard " .
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