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The basic and professional knowledge that jade halcyon collects
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Before some gentleman some year be away on official business to the other place, in the gad on an old stall, see the old jade of a white, arrange fist bulk, cirque appearance, one centimeter is thick, modelling is extremely simple. Ask price casually, booth advocate make a price 5 yuan, two-spot is chopped after, bought then, think over recapture home makes letterweight use. After a few years thick the friend that knows antique to collect plays to his home, this jade link discovered on desk, very strange, he telling this jade link is possible after antecedents asking Qing Dynasty is a Gu Yu, value does not poor. This gentleman is half believing and half doubting, but cannot bear again be concerned about all the time go down, hold a person in the palm to seek connoisseur appraisal, result appraisal is is ancient time formal used jade annulus, be apart from have at least today 2000 the history. This kind of Gu Yu is allegedly highest on international auction market can sell a RMB 10 thousand yuan of above.

A small jade, accidental buying and selling, actually make big profits with a small capital, jade kind collect why so large interest? Want to answer this question, still get from China special " jade " culture speaks of. China is since ancient times " jade " regnal, jade has the connection of countless ties with the Chinese nation, also have special place in civilization of an ancient name for China. Be in early the period of new stone vessel before 6000, our ancestor makes gave various jade article products, created culture of bright jade of an ancient name for China. Since trader week, jade rises increasingly in the position in people society activity, make the indispensable part of large society activity, also formed on from the imperial court, issue the culture atmosphere of the heavy jade from civilian common people, love jade. People compares a man of noble character with jade, the clean with jade is elegant the nobility of indicative gentleman is temperamental; With the remain faithful and unyielding of the hard and indicative gentleman of jade; Symbolize with the Wen Run of jade the courteous comity of gentleman. The wind of this kind of heavy jade, love jade counts chiliad continuously, affecting generation the children of an ancient name for China of another generation, formed peculiar Chinese jade culture, also abounded the connotation of jade value. Fall in such culture setting just about, when the Gu Yu that contemporary and factitious pursuit leaves thousands of years ago together, just must not be absent auction market last time second ground raises card contest price. Additional, the price of Oriental artwork upsurges is recently a few years the thing of ability happening, this and the rise that East Asia economy encircles and culture of an ancient name for China encircle medium position to rise increasingly in whole world culture closely related. One is in cultural relic group is very eminent collect a connoisseur to ever had said not without regretful ground, the market is auctioned to go up in the international artwork of nowadays, a good archaic jade article can sell number, even tens of 10 thousand dollars, and these jade article need only a few years ago a few can buy easily to hundreds of dollars.
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