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Jade article collects: Basically see technology
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Jade article belongs to a tradition collect a project. The personage inside course of study introduces, world ability pledges good jade basically comes from two places: Dusk of  of nocturnal  land swallows cadmium Yao hare tranquil He Tianyu of? of Lv Nie Wu is white, use at what collect to be this kind of jade more; Halcyon includes red and green two kinds, multi-purpose at adornment.

The province collects Hong Wenyong of culture seminar member is our city jade article machine and collect an expert, he is engaged in this group having 20 old time. Introduce according to him, the person of jade of treatment of our country Guangdong is more, it is more from Burmese import data. The person that Xiamen and even Fujian are machined is little, but the person that collects jade article is very much still. With collecting ancient pottery and porcelain, people also is the jade article that collects ancient time normally, and collect Song Yuanming Qing Dynasty more, more ancient jade article is very difficult differentiate true bogus. The person that collects contemporary jade article also has, but far be inferior to former much. Hong Wenyong says, as long as it is all wool and a yard wide jade article, its price can rise only won't fall. Main because jade article raw material is less and less now, the good Gu Yuqi that can buy is less and less also.

Collect jade article how is differentiate material qualitative? Hong Wenyong thinks, see material be inferior to seeing technology character. Material of institutional differentiate jade article needs long experience to accumulate character, the person that collect is done not have so energy is beautiful go 78 years accumulating. See material be inferior to seeing technology character so, general craft is distinct the Gu Yuqi with cabinet, lively exquisite, its material also has affirmed character. Because make the master of craft often want to spend a lot of time to carve at that time, qualitative without nice capable person, it is not to deserve to go up of its craft. Resemble the good work of painterly Great Master, the rice paper that its use also is sure quality is good, won't take piece of waste paper to make a picture formally casually.

To the abecedarian that jade article collects and lover, how to spend Qian Youneng less to get good work? Hong Wenyong expresses, can collect a bit misshapen jade article. Jade article is to be valued very much article of the photograph, have damage a bit or somewhat flaw, likelihood comparing is apple-pie person price difference is multiple. So if technology is good, material has pledged, taste look issue to also might as well a bit collect.

More of differentiate jade article should depend on experience, also can consult nevertheless some collect a magazine, have a department " Chinese artwork collects appreciate 100 divisions. The 2nd jade article " introduce jade article technically to collect namely. Store of communication of our city jade article is more, the antique city of egret continent is centered relatively.
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