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Curiosa of jade article of a batch of palace returns the Imperial Palace to exhi
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Xinhua net Beijing on November 25 report (reporter Qiu Gongjie) the high-quality goods of a batch of jade article that civilian collector individual collects, beijing will be in since November 30 Forbidden City always birthday palace exhibits 20 days, among them many originally royal court of out quiet court.

This the name is " jade predestined relationship " exhibition, many 130 exhibiting jade article comes from country of He Zhu of Hong Kong collector Tibet tastes the gentleman's Deantang, give priority to with clear Dai Yuqi, hold a few bright generation implements concurrently, there is no lack of among them clear Dai Gongting makes curiosa. Among them gray jade " long appropriate descendants " 珮 , engrave respectively have " Qianlong year make " paragraph and Qianlong Chao Yu make number, craft is very delicate, it is the typical work that jade of Qianlong period palace makes. According to expert introduction, this kind of Qianlong palace jade article that brings number is original many 190, can see now remain many 50 only.

The audition that drive of a Qianlong makes hill of snow cabinet jasper child, also be palace jade make classically. Work depends on scene of snow of carve of jade material appearance, landscape, pavilion, engrave 6 Qianlong drive to make a poetry in around carve, font is very small characters of trace a design in gold. Energy of whole sculpture technology absolutely, be just as a peaceful landscape picture scroll, very god-given.

Seminar of Chinese jade article is standing director Zhang Anwen says, our country has the tradition that admires jade of jade, Cang Yu, admire since ancient times, gift culture morality connotation of Yu Fengfu. Jade article made craft reach a peak to clear Qianlong period, painter of for use of an emperor, craftsman participates in made palace jade object jointly was to obtain very high achievement more.

He Zhu country is Hong Kong businessman, 10 come for years, he bought curiosa of hundreds jade article outside beautiful heavy Jin Zaihai. Among them jade article of clear acting palace, be considered as to divide what the amount centers quite beyond the Imperial Palace by professional personage. This batch of jade article return the Imperial Palace to exhibit, conduce to the situation that studies palace culture and prediction of a person's luck in a given year of palace jade article are outer. (be over)