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Of jade seal collect
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From of old, the quarter material that makes seal has a variety of, be like jade, gold, silver-colored, copper, wood, ox horn (bone) , glass. Gold imprints invaluable, get extremely hard; Copper imprints fake is more, true bogus difficult differentiate; Wood imprints, ox horn (bone) imprint, glass imprints wait for material to pledge common, make a holiday easy also. Accordingly, collect the seal of past dynasties, jade seal is very good choice.

Seal is to engrave make material be mixed character the combinative put oneself in another's position of seal cutting art. Discern of archaic seal collect value, basically see the seal cutting technology that engraves the jade sort that makes seal and seal.

In archaic jade seal, provide the material that collects value to pledge most, it is to use so-called " China stone of 4 large orders " Shi Heai Xie Lu engraves Tian Huangshi, bloodstone, Qingtian make. Tian Huangshi originates in Fujian Fuzhou, other originates in Zhejiang 3 kinds: Stone of Qingtian of? of  of  of Jing of Su of  of ρ   originates in Zhejiang green cropland, ai Xie is green originate in Zhejiang not only, still originate in and other places of Fujian, Liaoning. Among them:  of nobeliun analyse  is happy only then? has " Shi Di " say; Bloodstone stone is qualitative exquisite, redness of skin is bright red be about to drip, because reserves is extremely scarce, reason has " a lot of money is easy, one stone is begged hard " say, it is to imprint the overlord in material; Qing Tianshi, Ai Xie is green the rare top grade in also be Zhang Shi.

The seal cutting technology of archaic jade seal, of long standing and well established. Since axiomatic generation, yin Xueliu style is very much, basically have 8 old school: Emperor spruce dusk hears? to be a delegate with Ming Daiwen Peng, He Zhen; 2 it is Anhui clique, for Anhui book celebrity He Zhen is achieved; 3 it is Si water group, for Ming Daisu announce place is achieved; 4 it is Lou Dong clique, because of Wang Guan of home of bright end seal cutting, be on Lou Dong and get a name; 5 if Gao is sent,be, for clear generation yellow classics place is achieved; 6 be forest clique, the Dai Linquan that it is Qing Dynasty is achieved; 7 it is Deng clique, if what achieve,be clear acting Deng Shi; 8 be on the west cold 8, show Hangzhou population is respected, Jiang Ren, Xi Gang, Huang Yi, Chen Hongshou, Chen Yuzhong, Zhao Zhichen, Qian Song 8 people. In addition, latter-day still have two old school: Huang Qiaoyu? is achieved for Wu Changshuo; It is capital group, with long the Qi Baishi that resides Beijing is a delegate. The technology of seal seal cutting of these genre, reached the state of reach the limit at that time.

Archaic jade seal, if use, is a stone, engrave by celebrity again make, that more Jin Gui is clinking, and time is longer, the value that collect is higher. (Cheng Chun arrives)

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