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Do not believe bargain is collected easily prevent a 7 big a magic weapon
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1 . Encounter " absolutely bargain " , do not want to believe easily; 2. The implements with crude charge for the making of sth. wants to be bought carefully, resemble the stone of a few cheap jade or similar jade, not firm of close smooth idiosyncratic or the many impurity inside jade, macula, very difficult appreciation; 3. Cannot be being judged is true taste or do not buy when counterfeit, for instance an a person of academic or artistic distinction is drawn, issue ability in the circumstance that maintaining it is authentic work only likelihood social status hundredfold; 4. To antique Tibet is tasted should look to be fathommed more more, want special the production a particular year that notices antique Tibet is tasted, artistic modelling and feature. A particular year is more ages ago collect value taller; Artistic modelling and feature, it is to judge Tibet to taste whether elegant, masterly main basis, this often also measures Tibet to taste the main standard that collects value discretion. And the appreciate that collects lover and discern level, also look through how only, compare more, think more, ability rises stage by stage; 5. Do not be eager to making conclusions, although again good antique, if the price is too unusual or had not appreciated space, undeserved also buy; 6. Not credulous " story " , most seller can tell about antique Tibet taste " story " , they often rely on lively, fascinating description to cause the impulse of people, encounter this kind of situation, want caution without fail; 7. Collect lover to want the hobby according to oneself, wish and financial capacity case, make collect direction clearly, once defined a goal, be about to agree to bear hardships, absorbed ground holds on.
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