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Shallow Tan Feicui is collected (group plan)
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Full green halcyon hangs a picture origin: Try grant

The place open up with distinctive halcyon boundless collect a space

Annual and numerous auction is met, most bring those who fix eyes on is halcyon is patted those who taste clinch a deal, a necklace city of 7000 much harbor, one authority ring city of 400 much harbor, a bracelet many yuan 1000... contend for in people buy high-grade halcyon, collect high-grade halcyon while, personage of west of quite a few plaints for it, quite a few loves jade personage to do it exclaim, jade is more and more expensive, good jade is less and less.
Why of high-grade halcyon collect value prep above other and precious gem? This should visit the office with distinctive halcyon:
One, color much appearance is colorful, have white, violet, green, yellow, red, black etc, among them green pretty is changed the biggest. Perfect Gao Cui, match with elegant design, most suffer a Chinese to love, emerald viridian besides high-grade emerald, lapidary without a kind green can be mixed it is compared. Bright-coloured green, most the aesthetic appeal that accords with a Chinese and culture psychology. The change of emerald color, provided very big choice margin to collect emerald public figure.

High-quality goods halcyon is placed----Eight saints go across the sea picture origin: Discharge  Wu

2, kind qualitative change unreal is boundless, halcyon is the aggregate of brilliant of much brilliant concealed. People admires the Wen Run with its peculiar place to feel. Because every halcyon forms the degree of finish of crystal to differ, brilliant form is different, combinative kind is different, consequently diaphaneity also Yo is very big difference. This is formed plant variedly qualitative, some is clear be like water, some is transparent if put on the ice, some is close-grained like porcelain... match the color with many colorful appearance, form phyletic full of beautiful things in eyes of halcyon.
3, can encounter cannot beg. A lot of gem are monocrystal, wait like diamond, red sapphirine, their color, diaphaneity is evener, find a identical pair more easily, more perhaps. Emerald pretty is changed 10 thousand dry, should finding identical halcyon is very difficult. Be too busy the diamond of class, red treasure, La Bao, want you to want to buy only, find very easily, and however a thousand pieces of gold begs the halcyon that be too busy hard. The halcyon that sees when you oneself love is about as far as possible buy, the thing that regrets otherwise will increasing, the halcyon that wants to buy will less and less.
4, uniform price is not had on the world. Almost all gem can quote with weight, only emerald neither one unites quote, because kind of simple change of halcyon is very big, each, every one is not identical, this is about to rely on the people understanding to halcyon and eyesight, what this causes halcyon to have investment more is excitant. Flower hundred thousands of buy a halcyon, its are potential value may be a few ten million!
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