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Price of high grade halcyon is high how reason is collected [graph]
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Nearly hundred years come, price of high grade halcyon is high, the vitreous ground that is like a physical ability to achieve 100 grams control quite is colourful green person, every gram price is in 15 thousand yuan of above, and it is the tendency that valence does not have goods. Accordingly, drive speculator practise fraud, agitate gets consumer to be able to believe the businessman's the statement of only one of the parties only when halcyon of choose and buy, lost due active power completely. So, preparative purchaser and already purchaser is asking rationally: 銩 of Wu of beautifuling Wei of coil up bogus, B, C? Halcyon of goods of A goods C, whether can still call halcyon, treasure jade bound has different controversy all the time. Consumer thinks generally: Wu Lai 腁, B, C, be jade article grade differentiate.A is tasted for one class, b is seconds, c is tasted for 3 class. Wrong also! One, B goods, to blanch the pronoun of the implements that note glue artificially, be not is natural halcyon content is second-class article. B goods, it is the color in natural halcyon the poorest implements is put into fluid of thick hydrochloric acid to immerse, the nonferrous metal inside body mineral suck corrode, achieve fade the purpose of processing. By acerbity washed jade article, be destroyed because of the structure and loose, drop powdery Cha extremely easily, direct perhaps fall to pieces, use high-pressured method again will plastic infuse, make because of,its coagulate. 2, C goods, for artificial coloring jade article, be not the third class that is natural halcyon to taste. C goods, it is will natural the jade article with color colorless or thin line, make high temperature add heat treatment, made blast is cracked, take the advantage of heat to be put into coloured chemistry drug to immerse, in taking color the crack that cracks into scamper, in order to achieve the goal of coloring. B C goods, it is the artificial pickling, abbreviation that notes unifinication of 3 kinds of glue, coloring, artificial processing, its life is briefer than B goods. A goods, it is the pronoun that is aimed at the pure natural jade article goods of B goods C, be not is the one class in emerald jade article is tasted. The A money jade article that often sees on the market, the poorest in all be color cheap article, cannot taste high price to collect by one class. Was clear about goods of B goods C, the A goods that is not equal to the place in the shop to sell is all wool and a yard wide, still be necessary to master a few kinds of identified common sense. 1, hydrophily is different. In a tap water (the drip) that falls naturally, drip is protuberant taller, won't drop off immediately goods of.B, B C is contrary. 2, the face is different evenness of surface of.A money jade article is smooth, as vitreous.B, B C because because of,goods notes collagen, if feel is plastic, greet light to look, the surface is rough, like orange skin. 3, different.A goods is burnish grease glass burnish, as glass, goods of B, B C is candle shape burnish; C goods is weak glass burnish, hair mist. 4, color is different. The A money that often sees in the shop, color basically is the ash with different level green, hoar, not not bright-coloured, bright goods of beautiful.B, B C, color does not have ash, green bright-coloured, white person immaculate. It is white impression, green fleck more. 5, color figure is different the color of.A goods is inhomogenous, even if is the lubricious conglomeration with big bean, also have the branch of shade, and in lubricious conglomeration periphery has silk of macroscopical radiative shape silk the color of goods of.C of look lubricious line, B C is shown linear distributing, without the conglomeration body of A goods, color does not have the cent of shade. Draw out the money of A goods, bought a B, C or B C goods however, it is clear to if pay,was not written on bill, it is difficult to be sued lawfully. So, regard stone, glass, plastic products as A goods halcyon was bought, why should be to plant feel? Emerald jade article, the low class consumable that is not money of dichotomy of a minute of money, can be being canned afford is good luck. But, again rich, also not was to buy the rubbish that will throw tomorrow today. So, those who want to buy is all wool and a yard wide, still must get the knowledge that knows a bit jade. Article origin: ? of felt of ㄎ evil spirit
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