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How to collect jade article (graph)
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Chinese jade article already had history of 779 years up to now, the Chinese is right of jade adore can saying is the degree that reached in the extreme. The use to jade article and collect, ancient already had. At this late hour, of jade article collect also begin to enter a brand-new phase, in former days the nobility is brought think the precious on the in casketting content that be proud, palm begins to walk into home of common common people. However, collect jade article should from what respect proceed with? The expert leads a way for us.

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To the person that any is collected, should know from which a few respects understand jade article, appreciation jade article above all. Generally speaking, basically be a material of argue of move into one's husband's household upon marriage jade green of qualitative, knowledge, tell craft of modelling, Ming Wen act the role ofing, careful, branch phyletic, article art and break a few respects such as time to recognize jade object. The time of jade article is the main factor that decides jade article value. Decide to the time of jade article, besides the thing that has exact a way to numbering the year, still need integrated afore-mentioned many sided elements.

The capable person that can identify jade article is qualitative, it is one of premise that collect jade article, different capable person pledges creates jade article value differs. Jade green namely the color of jade, can divide roughly it is two kinds, the first kind is the instinctive quality of jade, commonly white, green, yellow, black, green, green jade, bare waits, you Yibai Yu Weigui; The 2nd kind of ooze that is jade article is lubricious, color of common jade article ooze is yellow by color cent (earthy ooze) , white (Shui Qin) , green (cupreous ooze) , amaranth (hematic ooze) , black (mercuric ooze) etc; The modelling of jade article is the aesthetic frame of people, yu Jiang often decides its modelling according to the feature that jade expects, do not waste material as far as possible. Good jade article, its modelling is well-balanced and not inflexible, balanced and stable, extremely the beauty that uses up jade article; As to grain act the role ofing, it is the adornment of jade article, it is the beauty with the most intuitionistic when examining jade article people and ugly feeling. Grain act the role ofing should be subject to to need at formative commonly or the obedience need at its society function. Grain act the role ofing should look structure, art of composition, numerous brief, the processing such as density, the in an orderly way of every structure art of composition, person that consolidate harmony has appreciate value; Jade article craft is by makings turn into implement technical condition, its property is stabler, be known not easily truly, it is a difficult problem on appreciate. Every the sliding weight of a steelyard is versed in industry of agile and fluent, adept energy is the United States necessarily or more beautiful. Conversely, of stiff and delicate, messy, collect value acute to decrease; The sort of jade article is various, content is rich, according to the jade article breed that sees at present, can divide roughly it is 4 kinds: ⒆ of a huge legendary turtle of look of clumsy a surname frowsty Di of billabong of leg of Jie of beetle of law of all of Piao of ⒐ of basketry grain two?
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