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Jade is consigned rupture unexpectedly keep a cost undeserved consumer is damage
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Inferior heart net dispatch (reporter Du Jiang reports reporter Geng Lei) " be too deficient really, it is the responsibility of content shedding company obviously, I these high-grade jade just obtain compensate 2000 yuan! " yesterday (on September 7) , reporter from Urumqi city industrial and commercial place understands 9 bays, besmear lady consigns cost a few yuan for the province, high-grade jade ruptures in consigning a process hind, she obtains compensate only 2000 yuan. A few days ago, besmear lady was bought one honour 6000 yuan of sculpture have value " double ox " jade thing consigns the husband that is in Beijing, who knows on September 2, the husband hits a phone to say on jade one " bovine leg " broke, furious besmear lady is complained " 12315 " . What mediate this case according to be in charge of is industrial and commercial hold legal person Yuan Litao introduces, besmear lady asks content sheds company sum to compensate for the jade that she consigns. Be informed via investigation, besmear the lady is 4000 yuan for her jade support value at the outset, insurance cost is 40 yuan, indemonstrable jade value is 6000 yuan. Finally, below the mediation of industrial and commercial place, content sheds company commitment to compensate for 2000 yuan. Door of black town The Ministry of Commerce and Industry warns customer, dealing with when consigning, the partial damage that wants to will consign article to may appear, lose a function or destroy break wait for a circumstance how to undertake compensatory waiting for detail, list contract of carry of start going to a nursery. Valuable should ask content sheds a company " support value " , not for be economical, reduce article to keep a cost, such, appear in goods damage or destroy ability of miss the opportunity obtains correspondence " support value " the compensation of amount. Substantival explanation Support value is the consignor states to transportation enterprises commodity prices is worth. Every presses the goods that support value transports, the consignor divides pay transport costs outside, expend according to the support value that stipulates pay is regular even. Carry in support value in, goods destroys those who break, state by goods support value the price is compensated for.
Origin: Inferior heart net

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