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Wisdom of · of eye · boldness
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■ Zhao Dehua

In recent years, halcyon, Baiyu and Tian Huang are mixed in market of jade article of our country gem ceaseless creation price is mythological in artwork auction market. Especially Baiyu and Tian Huang, in a few years short the market is handed in cast two flourishing, the price goes high all the way.

However, the price of gem jade all the way violent wind rises be not accidental. Go up century 80 time, leave as hole of door of reforming and opening, country, from Burmese entrance emerald raw material is more convenient. And the increase that the abundance of raw material causes a product directly, make the plaything in doing the halcyon of foreign trade business to become the hand of ordinary common people only originally. The business does especially before large quantities of Taiwan businessmen, then, halcyon becomes broad Taiwan businessman to chase after the investment that go up to taste. Arrived 90 time metaphase, emerald prices reached bump peak of the history.

Bai Yu's circumstance and halcyon are endless and identical, bai Yu is the main component of China civilization, among them with Wen Run's exquisite suet Bai Yu is most rare. And Xinjiang is high grade with Tian Baiyu as market demand increase, inside nearly 20 years its price turned over close hundredfold.

Fizzle out as to cropland with respect to prep let alone, our country has since ancient times " 9 cropland are yellow 29 gold " view, of yellow stone of this shows field precious and rare. The resource plus Tian Huangshi is already dried up, unbalance of market supply and demand, the price all the way violent wind rises. At this late hour, 32 gold look for the Tian Huang of 9 top grade very hard also.

The account that produces this one condition is many sided, will act the role of tasted price to go up when the ship such as gem of diamond, coloured and platinic gold situation finished an another wave hind, the value of the quarter stone such as traditional Baiyu and Tian Huang and even Shou Shanshi just just is discovered, this is firstly; Secondly, what collect the market as artwork is increasingly hot, the Baiyu that regards investment as carrier and Tian Huang, become Tibetan home naturally to seek the bid that boost; Thirdly, baiyu and cropland yellow past are the articles of tribute that the monarch enjoys, symbolistic sense is very clear, its culture content is progressively also by acknowledge, caused compatriots to play Yu Shangshi's upsurge.

Ever the expert reminds, investing gem jade is play chess of a rich, this word not without the truth. Because gem jade has beautiful, precious, rare property, just make large quantities of investor dash ahead without thinking his safety, advance wave upon wave. However, this kind dashs ahead without thinking his safety and advance wave upon wave has a risk, need eye, boldness and wisdom.

Alleged need eye, those who say is consumer or investment objective are had to gem jade differentiate knowledge certainly. The breed of gem jade very much, quality is endless and same, the price differs tremendous, not be all gem jade is bullish, only the high-quality goods in gem jade just has the function of the appreciation that keep a cost. Get interest drive especially, the phenomenon with the flush, shoddy counterfeit on the market cans be found everywhere, once consumer sees an eye, not only gold suffers disaster, produce other consequence possibly still. Common saying says " without diamond, do not pull china to live " , had gem jade to differentiate eye only, just pass your wisdom and courageous and resolute daring and resolution possibly, the do a job with skill and ease in the market is tasted in the investment of gem jade.
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