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Jade article rises in price greatly investment appropriate is chosen high-grade
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A few years ago, the jade that a price controls in 5000 yuan, now somebody make a price 300 thousand yuan, a few years short, the price rises actually a few times. The personage inside course of study tells, at present the price of high-grade jade rises, yuansheng gold.

Yang Dekang not long ago of Europe of chairman of chamber of commerce of lukewarm city antique encounters a jade trader that comes from Xinjiang, the jade of makings of red skin seed that this businessman at hand has the volume like a big toe. As the adept person that has research of old jade article, ouyang Dekang thinks this is a good jade, have bought intention then, but the make a price of this businessman, let him flinch. This makes an appointment with the small jade of 100 grams again, actually ask a price 300 thousand yuan. "Put before 6 years, such jade price is controlled in 5000 yuan, jade price rose now a lot of, I think 50 thousand yuan can be accepted. " Ouyang Dekang tells, the last few years, the price of high-grade jade rose a lot of, but 300 thousand yuan price, still exceeded his anticipation.

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Picture origin: Chinese halcyon

Ouyang Dekang says, come a few this years, the current high-grade jade on market is less and less, caused its price to rise successively. He knows to have bracelet of a pair of jade, belong to jade article of high-quality goods class, this is right 1996 the price of the bracelet is 3 million yuan, recently actually bade buys somebody 50 million yuan. Ouyang Dekang thinks, more high-grade jade goes up badlier, because jade is cannot reborn resource, good now jade is less and less, content with rare for expensive, rise in price so in reason. But, be not all jade going up, the jade with a few poorer quality, do not go up to drop instead. Because the technology of treatment and facilities are more and more excellent now,this is, the jade with a few general quality of a material, can carry precision work, become article the jade article headgear with better look or hang, join jade article current domain. Such, increased turnover. Manage together, the capacity is much, price nature came down.

According to concerning personage analysis, the person of jade of our city investment is increasing now. Ouyang Dekang thinks this since favour is evildoing. More and more people pay close attention to jade article investment, can bring the prosperity of jade industry, this nature is meddlesome. Nevertheless as investor increase, also meet somebody seizes the opportunity make a profit in troubled situation, counterfeit can appear for certain, the order of this can disturbed market. Especially novice of a few investment, if saw an eye, loss general special big.
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