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Treasure jade name " feline be bored with " many
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The Bao Yushi such as halcyon, nephrite, pearl, crystal suffers consumer to love quite, but one when Shanghai announces 7 days selectives examination to show as a result, the name of the nearly 4 jade that become treasure exists " feline be bored with " . This selectives examination to protect committee and Shanghai gold to act the role of guild of jade of guild of moral trade association, diamond, treasure to undertake jointly by Shanghai consumer rights and interests. Act the role of in 88 Bao Yushi that are selectived examination in tasting, 32 act the role of tasted label non-standard, denominate not standard, 36 what hold sum total. 4 % . According to the analysis, in treasure jade name " feline be bored with " basically have 4 kinds: One of, ambiguous be called by a joint name, if wait for halcyon, Huang Jing, olivine a general designation to be " jade " or " jade " , do not indicate however the real talent of the product is qualitative; Secondly, make free with " cant " , be like will green the commercial name such as stone of ghostliness, sun or " cant " use at product label, let consumer discern hard; Thirdly, intended gaps and omissions, if 18 K gold enchases ring, do not indicate a gemmy name, and the price difference wide gap of different Bao Yushi; Its 4, name with producing area. According to regulation of our country relative standard, divide " He Tianyu " outside, general gem is acted the role of article cannot name with producing area, but at present on the market so called " southern Asia pearl " " Hei Zhenzhu of big brook ground " wait for common occurance. (Yu Lihong)
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