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With cropland story: Mad stone ′ mad ′ how long?
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"Ascend Kunlun feed Yu Ying, with heaven and earth with birthday, with life Qi Guang " , qu Yuan says " Yu Ying " the He Tianyu that is today. From Kunlun hill " hard rock " to invaluable " beautiful jade " , come a few years, with Tian Yu general " stone is mad also " the story is deduced incisively and vividly, it wraps nip to wear of all sorts of version " fortune is mythological " step down Kunlun hill, walk into the eye shot of people.

However, he Tianyu met a bank 2008. Be in Beijing, with cropland, Urumqi, of He Tianyu trade the quantity glides, the price stops to rise and drop now situation, "Mad stone " attack undulatory flower again, be " bubble " undone? Be still the market " labor pains " ? Can if the Pu'er tea of gain considerable fame among one's contemporaries soares,you steep fall?

He Tianyu: Stone is mad also

Producing the Xinjiang of jade and riverside of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting of cropland jade dragon, local says here can appear every year 100 1000 millionaire, multimillionaire. With cropland city one dc spreads this story, gouge made an appointment with farmer Ai Zezi again together 2003 3 kilograms jade makings, make a price of a water is 250 thousand yuan, head path dealer received pass on 600 thousand yuan, did not go out and cropland city after many change hands with respect to 1.7 million yuan, 5.7 million yuan sell an employer of Beijing finally.

For a short while, he Tianyu's producing area - - Xinjiang and cropland became a lot of people " pan ground " , also bring He Tianyu subsequently the excessive exploitation, Yu Long that produces jade river of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting suffers destroyed picture. "The world bright, all go to for benefit " . A few years, he Tianyu is written from " hard rock " to " beautiful jade " a another fortune myth.

Dig jade, pour jade, treatment jade, most when only on riverbed with respect to the assemble nearly 300 thousand person. Local youth put down the conventional technology in the hand, in joining the main force that dig jade. "Yu Feng, the person is mad also " , abuliezi says craftsman of tradition of silk of Ai Delai of the Uygur nationality, "The youth does not learn craft with me, son daughter also digs jade accordingly. Son daughter also digs jade accordingly..

He Tianyu why such " mad " ?

Li Zechang of vice-chairman of association of Xinjiang treasure jade introduces, "The Olympic Games is chance " . From 2002 begin, because Qinghai jade is chosen to return be He Tianyu to contend for on Olympic Games medal, olympic Games China imprints the incident such as use He Tianyu, make Xinjiang and cropland jade price appear to rise considerably apparently. From a few yuan, hundreds of yuan break up after many change hands times to by tens of thousands yuan the story cans be found everywhere. "Actually, the Olympic Games is a fuse only. Excellent He Tianyu is the highest grade of jade, it is husk originally. So called price ' overgrowth ' just finish its value to return to. So called price ' overgrowth ' just finish its value to return to..
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