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The golden week is acted the role of article exhibit suffer favour to buy gem to
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Oriental net on October 3 message: Shanghai will have 25 thousand pairs of new personality to be fond of knot happy match during National Day golden week. On September 29, shanghai headgear exposition and high-quality goods of gem of China and foreign countries of Cultural Festival of Shanghai international headgear exhibit in pairs to begin, gem of exhibiting diamond, gold, platinic gold, halcyon, silver, pearl, Bai Yu, coloured 8 kinds big are acted the role of article already drew on 10 thousand newlywed person people patronage. According to national level, the diamond of weight of 20 minutes of above acts the role of consumer choose and buy article, the businessman should be shown classification certificate. But quality of national bullion product is supervised examine center (Shanghai) Professor Xu Rupeng reminded yesterday, last year the 3rd quarter, the country detects in quality of gem jewelry industry the discovery in sampling, a few enterprises used foreign letter only, and the quality of sample of headgear of this kind of gem is decided to be unqualified scale taller. "Sampling observation of industrial and commercial this year branch crosses 54 of 1 carat above big diamond, operator issued letter of foreign appraisal orgnaization. But relevant specification of basis our country examines after appraisal, 32 quality scale goes up under foreign calibration certificate issued quality scale, among them 9 not agree with badly. "   sells gem act the role ofing to taste, the calibration certificate that the businessman uses complete foreign language only is ill-considered apparently. Xu Rupeng says, guild of Chinese treasure jade is special dispatch, gem businessman of home and enterprise, accountability translate English into Chinese, tell customer true condition. Gem examines the interest of the credit that calibration certificate matters to market of our country gem and consumer. At present businessman of the part on the market is careful for the purpose of, to already having the gem of foreign certificate, use the method of double certificate, issue two pieces of calibration certificate of abroad and home to the same gem of the sale namely, xu Rupeng says, this also is in eye antecedent condition issues a kind of method that solves a problem.
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