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Gem of cross-strait rare world exhibits: Affection of rare world gem pulls two s
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Zhejiang is online on October 6 dispatch 28 fresh and green Yu Zhu, bead bead is perfectly round have send, delicate and charming but person; Advocate the emerald that stone is 91.36 carat, set full diamond, shock full-court; The burgeoning and lapidary aperture of 20 centuries surpasses stone, heft 148.45 carat, present full-bodied powdery purple, more see inaccessibly on the world that be by comment of place of Swiss GRS appraisal attain article.

During National Day golden week, regard solution as 90 years 100 one of heavy head projects that celebrate, the gem of cross-strait rare world that the gem of the goosefoot that cheat Ba that comes from south Africa undertakes is exhibited in solution 100 begin. Cross-strait gem collaboration is the characteristic that this gem exhibits showpiece, ginseng those who exhibit have many it is Taiwan can buy the rare world jewelry that come back from international auction, be like value 12 million yuan emerald diamond necklace, valuable still diamond of royal seal of 10 thousand yuan about a hundred colorful green jade, Kong Saibao stone, color. The design is the soul of gem, taiwan is famous stylist king wants what the month also carries newest design to make banquet exhibit meeting, her work is details with Chinese colour, totem, revealed the jewelry that makes a person touch most by stone of much a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China " Chinese wind " .

As we have learned, there still are a series of sales promotion activities during the activity, those who include kinds or types of goods of diamond of half carat, one carat " overflow is enjoyed " fulfil guest and send good manners to wait completely.

Origin: Zhejiang is online - money river evening paper