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Zhang Xiaogang work " consanguineous: Big family one " 23.06 million HK dollar c
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" consanguineous: Delay of moth Yi ヒ is pigheaded

Hong Kong Su Fu auctions meeting overnight to kick off than autumn

Zhang Xiaogang work " consanguineous: Delay of moth Yi ヒ is pigheaded

23.06 million HK dollar clinchs a deal

According to report of Xinhua News Agency (reporter Lv Nuo) Hong Kong Su Fu meets 4 days to pull open heavy curtain late than was being auctioned Summer 2008, will auction gem, wrist painting and calligraphy of china of watch, China, China, contemporary reach curiosa of art of country of contemporary southeast Asia in all many 1700, total value restrains 256 million dollar.

This Hong Kong revive Fu Biqiu is patted can hold 4 days contemporary reach sale of contemporary Asia artistic evening to meet, 5 days hold art of 20 centuries China, contemporary China art to auction meeting, will hold now contemporary reach auction of painting and calligraphy of art of contemporary southeast Asia, China to meet, 7 days hold magnificent gem and emerald headgear, rare wrist to express an auction to meet, 8 days hold Chinese china and handicraft auction to meet.

Drive of the Qianlong that it is Qing Dynasty makes one of on sale central points " review the 3rd plan greatly -- read blast " hand scroll. The Qianlong emperor in the picture is worn martial attire, move bursa of arrow of the broadsword of the armor, armet that wear a head, admire, bag that hang bend, riding old horse of a tall head Jovianly. The Qianlong emperor in picture scroll and sit ride all the hand of Lang Shining of painter of out for use of an emperor, predict to clinch a deal valence will exceed 80 million HK dollar.

In addition, an appraisal the 58 million elegant diamond necklace to 74 million HK dollar also especially conspicuous, on necklace advocate auger heft 102.56 carat, it is the biggest Xian Caihuang on market of heretofore international auction auger.

The never has exhibited publicly masterpiece in Wuguan " the Yangtse River pursues 10 thousand lis " also will appear, this work is 3.55 meters tall, 5.3 meters long, appraisal; of about 8 million HK dollar by art altar accepted for magnify one of 1000 serious work " old tree is vacated simian " , auction appraisal this 4 million to 6 million HK dollar.

And can go up in first auction, the work of a few China artists sent good price. The inchoate canvas work that gets the Zhang Xiaogang of Chinese contemporary painter that fix eyes upon fully " consanguineous: Delay of moth Yi ヒ is pigheaded fragrance 10 thousand HK dollar of?306 clinch a deal the large gunpowder of; Cai Guojiang is drawn " the eagle in the sky, eye and people -- person " clinch a deal with 17.46 million HK dollar; Wang Yi the canvas east " the No.2 that make a room -- lucky smoke " with Liu.
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