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Teng Chong holds work of gold prize of contest of work of first jade carving lif
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Gold prize work is lifelike

In the 9th Teng Chong volcanic Rehaiwen spends travel red-letter day during, first " Bian He cup " activity of contest of jade carving work also pulls open heavy curtain.

It is reported, this the contest admitted a province in all company of jewelry of a hunderd schools on inside and outside takes part in the match nearly 300 times on 1000 work, ginseng exhibit work, ginseng exhibit travelling merchant nearly 100. Among them, domestic and international famous jeweller many 10, professional personage amounts to 500 people above.

This the contest sets a gold prize two, silver-colored award 6, cupreous award 20, be seleted award 30, 50, yesterday, all award also had attributive. At present halcyon machines distribution centre to basically be centered in Teng Chong to countryside of county, lotus is mixed and arrange a town. Ground of finished product management concentration is jade article of city of jump over halcyon, Teng Chongzhu treasure to trade to the professional market such as shopping mall of star of center, article and center of lotus jade carving are reached and arrange lane all round. Current, teng Chong has halcyon from personnel of course of study 10 thousand more than person, among them senior technician 100 people, implementation halcyon managed production value 2007 400 million yuan, predicted to realize production value 2008 500 million yuan of above. (Photography reports reporter Cui Min)

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