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Teng Chong head " Bian He cup " activity of contest of jade carving work pulls o
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(The member that jade carving machines a person is in raw material of jade of fine carve of carve of essence of life)

(Teng Chongfei is emerald green -- Long Zhengzhong and)

(Teng Chongfei is emerald green -- tree civilian jade carving)

Red net on October 6 dispatch (special correpondent Zhou Xinni) on October 3, by the Communist Party of China government of people of county of Teng Chong county Party committee, Teng Chong, Yunnan saves gem association and Yunnan to save travel industry group to sponsor, prefectural article produces Teng Chong do, trade of labour of jasper of chamber of commerce of prefectural gem jade and filar road is finite liability company undertakes, firm of city of halcyon of business association of Teng Chong county, industrial and commercial bureau, qualitative inspect bureau, jump over, Teng Chongyun gives birth to company of company of jewelry of landed company, boundless blessing, Heng Hui assist first when do " Bian He cup " activity of contest of jade carving work pulls open heavy curtain.

To fill cent is developed " Chinese halcyon the first city " brand advantage, industry of stimulative Tengchong halcyon to commercialize, the brand is changed, collectivize way develops, increase the dimensions that soars strong halcyon estate and class further, teng Chong county Party committee, government general first " Bian He cup " the main component that contest of jade carving work regards the 9th volcanic Rehaiwen as to spend travel red-letter day. This mobile theme is " halcyon of harmonious Teng Chong, flourishing age " , mobile purpose is to pass " promote emerald culture, expand emerald industry, revive emerald store " , produce effect of emerald culture birthplace, gift of resource of activation halcyon industry, in safeguard property essential factor reasonable flow while, achieve effect of integral benefit multiplier; Through producing advantage of edge of edge of South Asia big channel, form pattern of development dominant industry, drive informatization to direct model industrial efforts.

Current, the contest admitted a province in all company of jewelry of a hunderd schools on inside and outside takes part in the match nearly 300 times on 1000 work, ginseng exhibit work, ginseng exhibit travelling merchant nearly 100. Among them, domestic and international famous jeweller many 10, professional personage amounts to 500 people above. The commissioner that this second contest invites is mixed by home's famous jade carving Great Master Yu Wen is chemical person hold the position of, already decided at present have Song Shiyi, bezoar of a horse faithful wait for 6 people, selection method and program already referred Yunnan to save gem association expert to undertake be cognizanced finally. Will choose a theme from which at the appointed time bright, originality masterly, connotation abounds novel, craft, the jade carving high-quality goods that can machine a level on behalf of halcyon most. A batch of high-grade halcyon wollens sign up attend an auction, nearly 1000 report vacate the civilian Tibet that machines the history to halcyon of 500 one's remaining years to taste attend the appraisal that admire analyse, this the contest will be become vacate dimensions of strong gem bound in recent years the biggest, class is highest, participate in grand meeting with most personnel.
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