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Impressional art boast shows female honour China
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The artistic gem FENIX that comes from France (Feinisha) roll out " impression? Halcyon " series, the common carve face of heavy and complicated of slam the door and old old archaize subject matter, make natural halcyon and natural skill real ground be in harmony is an organic whole. If the contemporary carver of artistic Nature Jade of nature is not quite careful, appear extremely easily a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting, besides carver is to prove natural rate of halcyon only. And FENIX " impression? Halcyon " series is selected Burmese old hole top grade, color, head, kind the portion already all got natural show, need not the sculpture program with dispensable repass. "Act the role of without vulture " the crackajack creation that is FENIX, stylist is early on design draft reductive this true appearance of halcyon, "Will pure natural do not try the halcyon that vulture acts the role of according to prototype, with advocate the impressional art of light and shadow is shirt-sleeve " , stylist Pleven speaks of how to creat top class natural gem. The classic Impression Jade of master degree " imperial halcyon " (Imperial Jade) it is the highest grade in jade, have thick, this world, , mixed feature, and Mo Nai, Buddhist is advanced the impressionistic masters that give with life creative work, the realization to art also can calls sacred class the character, the mighty union of both is FENIX stylist all the time people dream. "Halcyon is him heart certainly show, the culture that is nature of a kind of regression is artistic " , carina is teacher of art of a college, have to art comprehend higher, and she also chose halcyon of a FENIX condole act the role ofing sends as birthday present, "I very the design concept that admires Feinisha, originate because of inspiration not only the Great Master's creation, and design content has uniqueness more, suit to collect appreciate " . Origin:  ?