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Jade sharp appreciation of Crazy Stone novice investors need to be cautious
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The first half of this year, one-month high-grade jade rose 30% to the miracle, just six months, double the market price of many high-grade jade. To media reports, is the 3.0 billion mainland investors to carry huge amounts of money to Burma due to mad to buy jade speculation. Jade of the original hot stone transactions quickly transmitted to the downstream market. Many investors expect inflation will be invested under the eyes on the emerald. But experts have warned that, despite the appreciation of space jade collection is still optimistic about the market outlook, but still cautious novice involved in this field. Jade auction innovative high Jade collection of domestic market started in the 80s of last century, in 1995, the domestic first introduced the large-scale jewelry auction the old Qing Dynasty jade works, including a pair of green jade bracelet full of the Qing Dynasty by 49 million yuan turnover. Since then, Jade has been a clear public auction market of the important species, the auction market has also become an important collection of the Qing Dynasty jade and reliable market. May 1995, a string of jade beads to the high price of more than 3,000 million were sold, creating a single piece of jade jewelry at the highest auction price. In 2008, Christie's spring auction in Hong Kong, and a weight of only 23 small jade, actually sold for the price of 1,200 million, 2,000 times more expensive than gold. March 2009, Myanmar jade disk of the original stone public auction, starting price of 22 million yuan a piece of jade stone, the final shoot of 1.3 billion. Jade novice investors need to be cautious Emerald jade has always had the reputation of the king, even though the auction market continues to hit high price, but as a rare resource, and always a collection of investment value. Today, jade is treated as investment tools, and nephrite after becoming the second "Crazy Stone." Although the Jade collection is still optimistic about the market outlook, the appreciation of space, but still new to intervene in this area with caution. To meet the needs of ordinary decorative jade collectors to spend a few thousand dollars can buy their favorite jade pendant, bracelet, to play. If you are appreciated for the purpose of investment, investors must learn about before buying jade collection of investment knowledge, walk to the market look carefully compared. In general, the common Jade investment value is not high, only high value-added Jade to get a huge space, but not high-end Shoucang grade jade ten-thousandth of all the jade, the jade market, so the excavation from the dazzling array of quality, expertise needed and vision. Collection of investment Jade, the most important is to prevent buy fake jade, as jade investment market heats up, some unscrupulous businessmen took the opportunity to real ones, do not understand market novice easily deceived. Even the real jade, but also hierarchy, known as the natural A genuine goods, while the texture difference Feicui pickled, filling resin, add color and other treatment, called B stock and C stock. B stock and C stock looks very pretty, businesses also insisted that the real thing, but there is no investment value. Finally, the collection of investors should note that, despite the long-term trend is the jade collection of investment rose, but not only rise and not fall in the investment products, in the long term rising trend line there will be fluctuations. When the myth of the appreciation of jade is broken, the problems will not only matter of time. This is a new collection of humanely investors need to guard against.